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30. Practice the Teachings.

The karmic law is held to us according to how we judge. If we judge others as being wrong or bad, then we must face the same judgment ourselves. The law of karma is the creative law of infinity which is that all actions return to the source which created them. Therefore whatever we do to others will eventually be done to us, for we must be responsible for our creation. Thus it is much better to forgive anything done to us than to judge; for the forgiveness releases the past karma, while the judgment perpetuates it.

Positively also, if we give and do good, then we will receive those things back. The law is actually neutral in that actions have their consequences; it is only in our minds and emotions that we decide on right and wrong. But how can we in our limited awareness claim to judge as well as God? It is like one blind person trying to guide another. We think we see another person's faults, but in most cases we have merely projected our own faults onto the other person. When we see someone else's weakness, we would be wise to correct that thing in ourselves before we try to point it out to another.

Also we should be wise in sharing our spiritual experiences only with those who are open to receive them so that we will not be attacked by those who are ignorant and intolerant.

Jesus encourages us to search within ourselves to discover who and what we are. As we begin to know ourselves, we may be disturbed at first by some of the garbage that is uncovered, but as we continue to clean house we will eventually be amazed to discover that we are divine and sovereign over all things in the spiritual consciousness. However, we must ask for assistance and search, for Spirit will not inflict itself against our will. Yet we will find success if we work at it.

Even human parents give their children what they need when they ask, and even infants who cannot talk know how to ask for and get what they need from their parents. Humans are bad compared to God; so surely God will give us its Holy Spirit if we sincerely ask. Knowing the oneness of Spirit then we should apply the golden rule and love others as we too wish to be loved. We should focus our consciousness on what is good, for it is easy to let our awareness disperse in many directions which do not lead us to our true goal. Concentration and discipline will lead us to our souls, but only a few are really discovering who they are.

Jesus warned us about false spiritual teachers who may appear gentle but are really greedy, but we can identify them by the results of our experience. A person, like a tree and its fruit, is valuable or not depending on the resulting actions which are produced.

Calling the name of God is not enough to lift into higher consciousness; one must also be doing the will of God in one's life. There are many people manifesting psychic abilities who are not necessarily doing the uplifting work of the Christ. Thus having understood the teachings one must also put them into practice, and then the person's life will have a solid foundation which nothing can shake. But those who do not practice the teachings they receive have no foundation for their life, and the trials and tribulations of fortune will ruin their lives.

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