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A Run for Your Money

(1949 b 83')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two Welsh coalminers win a trip to London but get separated and have different adventures.

Brothers David Jones (Donald Houston) and Thomas Jones (Meredith Edwards) win a contest in coal mining and go to London on a train. The gardening columnist Whimple (Alec Guinness) has been assigned to take them to a rugby match and write their story. David and Thomas miss him and buy breakfast. David goes after pretty Jo (Moira Lister) and is separated from Thomas, who buys a drink for fellow singer Huw (Hugh Griffith). Thomas goes with Huw to a pawnshop to get back Huw's harp, and he leaves his gold watch.

The Echo editor (Clive Morton) tells Whimple to get the story. David asks for his £100 prize but has no identification. Whimple makes a call, and David gets his money. The editor orders Whimple to ditch the girl, but she is in his car.

Drunk Thomas and Huw are thrown out. Jo gets David to lose Whimple and stay with her. The secretary Jane (Dorothy Bramhall) tells Whimple that Jo cons provincials. Thomas and Huw are put off a bus. David sees Thomas but gets on a subway with Huw. Whimple watches rugby alone. Thomas and Huw arrive after the match.

Jo urges David to buy a ring for his girl for £50, and the jeweler switches the ring; but David decides to buy a different ring for £60 instead. Whimple gives Thomas and Huw a ride. Jo tries on a white dress, but David does not buy it. Jo takes David to her flat. He offers her money to visit him, and they kiss. Whimple calls Jane for Jo's address. In a pub Thomas gets in a row over a hat.

David tells Jo it won't work. She tells him to get out but changes her mind. While he washes dishes, she steals his money. David says he wants to buy her the dress. Whimple comes in and warns David about Jo, who runs off. David chases her into a talent competition, where Thomas sings while Huw plays his harp. Whimple goes in as Jo and David run out. Whimple sees Thomas, and they go to the pawnshop and get his watch.

David takes Jo's handbag, and she runs after him. Thomas and David get on a train, and Thomas throws her the bag. She throws the money back into the train and says it was worth it. On the train they sing as Huw plays his harp. In the final scene David, Thomas, and Huw return home.

This comedy contrasts the naïve Welshmen to the sophisticated Londoners while the eccentric Whimple seems to live in his own plant world. The love of music may yet save the alcoholic Huw.

Copyright © 2006 by Sanderson Beck

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