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What Jesus Might Say
to George W. Bush

by Sanderson Beck

GEORGE W: Dear Lord Jesus, I need your help. Things are not going well. Please listen to me.

JESUS: I always listen to you, George, but until now you have not been listening to me very well.

GEORGE W: I'm sorry, Lord. I try.

JESUS: I thought it was especially disgraceful when you implied that I told you to go to war against the people of Iraq. How could you do that? Do not people call me the Prince of Peace?

GEORGE W: Yes, Lord, you are the Prince of Peace.

JESUS: Did I not teach that we should love our enemies?

GEORGE W: Yes, I remember that now.

JESUS: George, I love you like a son or a brother, but you have strayed very far from my teachings. You have been responsible for much killing - first in Texas with all those executions, and some of them were innocent, - and then in the world with your wars. Why do you help the greedy instead of the needy? Why do you give big tax reductions to the rich while cutting the programs that help the poor? Does not every person in your country and in the world deserve good health care? Remember, when you help the poorest people, you are helping me.

GEORGE W: I'm sorry, Lord Jesus. I will try to do better.

JESUS: Do you really mean that, George? Instead of being a war President, would you like to become a peace President? Will you listen to my counsel and follow my advice?

GEORGE W: Oh yes, Lord. That would be great! I would like to be your boy. Please tell me what to do, and I will do my best.

JESUS: First you need to repent and admit your mistakes. You need to confess to the people in the United States and the world that you are sorry for what you have done; but now you have seen the Light and will try to do better.

GEORGE W: I can do that, Lord. I can give speeches if I know what to say.

JESUS: You need to start helping people instead of threatening them and hurting them in wars.

GEORGE W: But what about the terrorists? Don't we need to be protected from them?

JESUS: They will have to atone for their crimes too. Do not judge others lest they judge you harshly also. Let the rule of law work. These crimes should be handled by law enforcement and judicial processes in their proper jurisdictions. Do not invade other countries; that just increases the violence and the crimes.

GEORGE W: What about Iraq? That has really become a big mess.

JESUS: You must stop the violence from your side by withdrawing all your forces immediately while using diplomacy to develop peaceful solutions to the problems.

GEORGE W: Just cut and run?

JESUS: Real peacemaking requires faith and courage, George. If you believe in democracy and the freedom of self-determination, you should not be trying to impose it by armed force. That is hypocrisy, George. Let people be free to solve their own problems.

GEORGE W: But what about the oil? You know the supply is not endless, and gas prices are getting high?

JESUS: This is a major crisis for humanity that requires serious adjustments. People are going to have to learn how to live in less materialistic ways with conservation and alternative energies, or they will come into deadly conflicts with each other.

GEORGE W: Are you going to give me advice on the energy crisis too?

JESUS: Listen to your heart, George, and learn how to take everyone into consideration in order to discover what is best for all. Christ is love; you need to learn how to love everyone, George.

GEORGE W: Why I am suddenly hearing you now? I have prayed, but you never spoke to me like this before.

JESUS: I respect the freedom of every soul. I do not force my ideas on anyone, but people who sincerely turn to God and the truth may hear my voice. Until now you had not really opened your heart to me. For some people, things have to get very uncomfortable before they open up to listen to my voice.

GEORGE W: The things you are suggesting are very radical. Do you think the American people are ready for this?

JESUS: I do, George; people want justice and peace. The United States can lead the way by starting with the disarmament of its weapons of mass destruction and then negotiate a treaty of global disarmament with all the nations.

GEORGE W: Wow, that is radical. That would free up a lot of money.

JESUS: Yes, George. You need to start by giving much more money to help the poor around the world. Please help those suffering in Kashmir right away. No one can be truly happy until all the poor people in the world are truly being helped. Take care of your brothers and sisters, George.

GEORGE W: That sounds like a big job.

JESUS: Take one step at a time, George, and I will walk with you. Instead of blocking progress in the world, you need to be a facilitator of peace, liberty, and justice for all. You have been given special warnings about global warming by the recent hurricanes. Do not delay any longer the adjustments that need to be made.

GEORGE W: How can I have been so blind?

JESUS: You were listening to bad advice, George. You need to get better advisors, who will act for the good of all, not for selfish interests.

GEORGE W: Wow, this is going to be the biggest turn-around in history.

JESUS: You can do it, George. Do what is best for everyone, and you will have your reward in heaven and on Earth too.

GEORGE W: Thank you for speaking to me, Jesus, and please continue to guide me.

JESUS: I will. God bless you and everyone on Earth.

Copyright © 2005, 2008 by Sanderson Beck

This has been published in the book PEACE OR BUST. For ordering information, please click here.

Sanderson Beck has written many books including the ETHICS OF CIVILIZATION (6 volumes), History of Peace (2 volumes), the Nonviolent Action Handbook, The Art of Gentle Living, and BEST FOR ALL: How We Can Save the World.

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