History of Ethics I: to 30 BC
Ancient Wisdom and Folly*

Prehistoric Cultures
Summary and Evaluation
Chronological Index

China: 30 BC
Shang, Zhou and the Classics
Confucius, Mencius, Xun-zi
Taoism, Mo-zi
Legalism, Qin empire Han Dynasty

Near East: 323 BC
Sumer, Babylon, and Hittites

Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian Empires

Greece: 323 BC
Greek Culture to 500 BC
Greek Politics, Wars 500-360 BC
Greek Theatre
Socrates, Xenophon, Plato
Isocrates, Aristotle, Diogenes
Philip, Demosthenes, Alexander

India: 30 BC
Vedas and Upanishads
Mahavira and Jainism
Buddha and Buddhism
Political and Social Ethics of India
Hindu Philosophy
Literature of India

Hellenist Era Rome: 30 bc
Hellenistic Era
Roman Expansion to 133 BC
Roman Revolution and Civil Wars
Plautus, Terence, and Cicero

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History of Ethics: II 30 BC to 1300 Age of Belief

Summary and Evaluation
Chronological Index 30 BC-750 CE
Chronological Index 750-1300 CE

Roman Decline and Christianity 180-610
Roman Empire In Turmoil 180-285
Roman Power and Christian Conflict 285-395
Augustine and the Fall of Rome 395-476
Goths, Franks, and Justinian Empire 476-610

The East 30 BC - 1300 CE
Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan
Africa and America

Muslim, Byzantine, Frank empires 610-1095
Muhammad and the Spread of Islam
Islamic Culture 750-1095
Byzantine Empire 610-1095
Franks and Anglo-Saxons 613-899
Vikings and Feudal Europe 900-1095

Roman Domination:
30 BC-180 CE

Empire of Augustus and Tiberius
Jesus and His Apostles
Roman Decadence 37-96
Rome, Better Emperors 96-180

Crusades 1095 - 1300
Crusaders, Greeks, and Muslims
Islamic Culture 1095-1300
Europe's 12th-Century Development
Europe's 13th-Century Progress
Christian Ethics 1095-1300
European Literature 1095-1300

Vol. 1 To 30 BC $30

Volume III: 1300-1615 * Age of Humanism (In progress)

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