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MIDEAST & AFRICA 1700-1950


Mideast 1700-1950
Ottoman Empire and Turkey
Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan
Arabia and Iraq
Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan
Palestine and Zionism
Africa 1600-1950
Egypt, Sudan, and Libya
Algeria, Tunis, and Morocco
West Africa
Ethiopia and Somaliland
East Africa
Congo, Mozambique, and Angola
Southern Africa

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Ottoman Empire 1600-1907
Ottoman Fall and Turkey 1908-1950
Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan 1600-1950
Arabia, Yemen, and Iraq 1600-1950
Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan 1600-1950
Palestine and Zionism 1600-1950
Egypt, Sudan, and Libya 1600-1950
Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco 1600-1950
West Africa and the French 1600-1950
West Africa and the British 1600-1950
Ethiopia and Somaliland 1600-1950
East Africa 1600-1950
Congo, Angola, and Mozambique 1600-1950
Southern Africa 1700-1950
Summary and Evaluation


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