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UNITING HUMANITY by Spiritual Evolution & Democratic Revolution: Solutions to the Megacrisis of Climate, Poverty & War has been published.
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Spiritual Evolution

Spiritual Perspective
Spiritual Values

Choosing a Better Future

Problems of Business As Usual
Rescuing Humanity by Helping Everyone

Climate Calamities

Global Warming
Fossil Fuels and Deforestation
Climate Denial and Quick Fixes
Rising Sea Levels and Melting Glaciers
Wars, Droughts and Diseases
Global Water Crisis
Food Production
Meat Consumption
Ecological Damage

Climate Solutions

Reducing Carbon Emissions
Power from Sun, Wind, Water and Earth
Think Globally and Act Locally

Economic Democracy

Capitalist Exploitation
Economic Inequality in America
Rich and Poor Nations
Economic Reforms

Democratic Reforms

Unfair Politics
American Militarism
Real Democracy
Constitutional Changes
Restoring Justice

From Wars to Peace

Wars and Weapons Proliferation
Recent US Wars and Military Spending
Making Peace Not War

Global Reforms and Human Rights

Global Poverty
Regional Integration
Reforming the United Nations
Proposal for Constitutional UN Democracy
Assisting the Poor
Human Rights and Development

Love and Nonviolent Strategy

Nonviolent Philosophy
Climate Action Movement
Future Strategies


Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Nuremberg Principles of International Law
The Earth Charter
World Peace Movement Principles
Democratic Constitution of the United States
Constitution of the United Nations Democracy


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