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Written and directed by James Cameron, a woman engaged to a wealthy man falls in love with a poor artist during the only voyage of the Titanic.
      Two modern submarines go deep below the surface of the ocean to view the remains of the Titanic that sank on April 15, 1912. Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) is in charge. A smaller ship is launched to explore inside the ship by Lewis Bodine (Lewis Abernathy) with remote control. They find a treasure chest and bring it up to the surface ship. On the deck they break it open, but they find mud and soaked documents but no diamond. In their lab they clean up a drawing of a beautiful woman.
      At home Old Rose (Gloria Stuart) is making a pot while listening to the radio about the discovery of the Titanic. She looks at the photo on television and is surprised.
      Brock takes a phone call from Old Rose Calvert who tells him she is the woman in the picture and that she is interested in the Heart of the World. Bodine says she died on the Titanic at the age of 17. If she were still alive, she would be 101 years old. With the help of a helicopter Old Rose comes aboard and meets Brock. He gives her a room and meets her granddaughter Lizzy Calvert (Suzy Amis) who takes care of her. Old Rose asks to see the drawing. Brock asks her about the blue diamond of the crown that was lost in 1792. It was cut down to the Heart of the Ocean and would be more valuable than the Hope Diamond. She says she wore it only once. Brock asks her about an old and secret claim, and she identifies the claimant who was Nathan Hockley. His son Caledon bought it for his fiancée a week before the Titanic sailed. They believe she must have been wearing the diamond when the ship sank. Brock says that makes her his best friend. He shows her things they recovered from her stateroom, and she picks up a hand mirror that was hers. She also remembers a beautiful broach.
      Bodine shows Old Rose a video showing a model of the Titanic and what happened to it after it hit the iceberg. He explains how the bow sank as the stern came up. The ship split, and the stern fell back level. When the ship became vertical, they both sank two hours and forty minutes after the collision. She thanks him for the forensic analysis but says her experience was quite different. Brock asks her to share it with them. She stands up and looks at a video of the wrecked ship and starts to cry. Lizzy wants her to rest, but Old Rose says no. She says it has been 84 years, but she can still smell the fresh paint. They called it the “ship of dreams,” and she says it was.
      People are going on board the Titanic, and a car is being loaded. A luxury car arrives on the dock, and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet) gets out and says it does not look much bigger than the Mauritania. Caledon “Cal” Hockley (Billy Zane) gets out and tells her how much larger the Titanic is. He tells her mother Ruth DeWitt Bukater (Frances Fisher) that her daughter is too difficult to impress. He tells her this ship is unsinkable, and he has his man Spicer Lovejoy (David Warner) tell the porter about their baggage. They hear a whistle, and Caledon says they have to hurry. They go on board. Rose felt like she was being taken back to America in chains.
      Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) is playing poker with Swedes in a place on the dock and says when you have nothing, you have nothing to lose. He bets all the money that he and Fabrizio (Danny Nucci) have and wins, saying they are going to America. They have won two third-class tickets and are told that the Titanic is leaving in five minutes at noon.
      Jack and Fabrizio run with their bags and run up the gangplank. An officer asks if they have been through the inspection. Jack says they have and that they are both Americans. The officer lets them come aboard. The Titanic casts off and starts moving. They wave goodbye.
      Jack and Fabrizio find their room that is small with several bunk beds.
      In their luxury suites Rose says she likes the unusual paintings by Picasso, but Cal is drinking and calls them finger-paintings.
      Molly Brown (Kathy Bates) has come on board at Cherbourg.
      From the coast of Ireland Captain Edward James Smith (Bernard Hill) tells First Officer Murdoch (Ewan Stewart) to take her to sea, and they sail west. The huge steam engines go ahead full. Murdoch tells Smith they are going 21 knots.
      Jack and Fabrizio go to the bow and see dolphins swimming in front of the ship. Jack feels like he is king of the world.
      At a dinner table Bruce Ismay (Jonathan Hyde) says this ship is the largest moving object ever built by man, and Thomas Andrews (Victor Garber) designed her. He credits Ismay for envisioning the most luxurious ship. Ruth tells Rose she does not like her smoking. Cal says she knows and puts it out. He orders lamb for both of them, and Molly asks if Cal is going to cut her meat for her too. Bruce explains why he chose the name “Titanic” to convey size and stability. Rose tells Ismay that the ideas of Dr. Freud about the male preoccupation with size may be of interest to him. Ruth asks what got into her, and Rose leaves the table. Ruth apologizes, and Molly says she is a pistol and hopes Cal can handle her. Cal says he may have to mind what she is reading.
      On the deck Jack is drawing a little girl in the lap of a man. Tommy Ryan (Jason Barry) says this ship was built by 15,000 Irishmen. He notices that the first-class passengers bring their dogs down here to take a shit. Jack says it lets them know where they are in the scheme of things. Jack sees Rose on the deck above, and Tommy tells him to forget her. Cal comes to her, and she walks away.
      Rose narrates that she attended endless parties, and no one cared about her. Rose is running at night and goes down on the lower deck. Jack is looking at the stars and sees her run to the stern. She climbs up on the rail and stands outside it holding it in her hands behind her. Jack tells her not to do it. She tells him to stay back, or she will let go. He says she won’t because she would have done it already. He says if she jumps, he would go in to save her. She says that is absurd because the fall would injure him. He is more concerned about how cold the water is. He tells her about ice fishing and says she seems to be an indoor girl. He tells her how painful cold water is. He has taken off his coats and hopes she will come back over the rail to let him off the hook. She says he is crazy, but he says he is not the one hanging off the back of the ship. He extends his hand and says she does not want to do this. She takes his hand, and they tell each other their names. Her feet slip, and he holds her. He tells her to pull herself up, and they manage to get her back over the rail. They fall on the deck. A White Star Line employee arrests him.
      Cal arrives and asks Jack why he thought he could put his hands on his fiancée. Rose says it was an accident. She says she was leaning over, and she slipped; but Mr. Dawson saved her from going over. Jack confirms her story, and they decide he is a hero. A gentleman suggests that Cal reward Jack, and he tells Lovejoy to give him $20. Rose asks if that is the going rate for saving her. Cal invites Jack to join them for dinner tomorrow. Jack accepts, and they walk away. Jack whistles to Lovejoy and asks for a smoke. He offers him some and tells him to tie his shoes. He says she slipped suddenly, but he had time to remove his jacket and his shoes.
      In her room Rose is at her dressing table. Cal comes in and sits on the table and shows her the blue diamond that was worn by Louis XVI. Now it is the Heart of the Ocean. He says they are royalty, and he will not deny her anything if she does not deny him. She looks at the necklace in the mirror.
      On the deck Jack tells Rose about his youth and his leaving there. He asks why she came to talk to him. She thanks him for his discretion. She thinks he must be thinking about the poor, little rich girl. He was thinking what happened that made her think she had no way out. She says it is her whole world and the people in it. She shows him her diamond ring, and he is impressed. She says 500 invitations have gone out for the wedding in Philadelphia. She feels like she is in a crowded room screaming, and no one even looks up. He asks if she loves him, and she replies that he is being rude to ask her this. He asks why she can’t answer the question. She says they do not know each other, and she is leaving. They shake hands, and she says he is annoying. She says this is her part of the ship, and he should leave. She looks at his notebook and says his drawings are very good. He says Paris did not think much of them. She sees nude women and asks if they were drawn from life. He says in Paris lots of girls are willing to take their clothes off. She notices he used the same model a lot. He says she was a one-legged prostitute. He tells her about another lady who wore her jewelry waiting for her lost love. She says he has a gift and sees people. He says he sees her and that she would not have jumped.
      Ruth, a countess, and another lady are at a table and see Molly Brown coming. They get up to avoid being with her; but Molly says she would like to walk with them and catch up on her gossip. At another table Ismay notes that Captain Smith has not lit the last four boilers. Smith says they are making excellent time, and he sees no need. Ismay says he wants publicity and headlines and would like to show the speed of the Titanic. Smith says he would not like to push the engines until they have been properly run in. Ismay says he is only a passenger and leaves the ship to him; but he says how glorious it would be if they got into New York on Tuesday night and surprised them all. Then Smith could retire with a bang.
      By a rail Jack tells Rose he worked on a squid boat and did portraits on the pier in Santa Monica. She wishes she could be free like he is. They talk about going there on the roller coaster and to go surfing at the beach. He will teach her how to ride a horse like a man. He takes her hand and says he will show her how to spit like a man. He coaches her how to hawk it up. Her mother and the ladies appear, and Rose introduces Jack Dawson. Rose felt her mother looked at Jack like a dangerous insect. They hear a trumpet, and Molly asks why they announce dinner like a cavalry charge. The ladies go, and Molly asks Jack if he knows what he is doing. He admits he does not, and she warns him he is going into the snake pit. She asks what he is going to wear and offers to help him.
      In her room Molly gives Jack a dress suit that is for her son.
      Jack is admitted into the elegant first-class area. He imitates how gentleman stand. Cal and Ruth come down stairs and walk past Jack. Rose comes down, and he kisses her hand. He offers his arm, and she laughs and takes it. She reminds Cal of Mr. Dawson, and Cal says he could almost pass for a gentleman. Cal takes Ruth’s arm and leads her. Rose points out John Jacob Astor as the richest man on the ship, and his wife her age is in a delicate condition. She also shows him Benjamin Guggenheim and his mistress, Madame Aubert. His wife is home with the children. She notes Sir Cosmo and Lucille Lady Duff-Gordon who designs naughty lingerie. Molly takes Jack’s other arm and tells him they love money and will let him in the club if they think he has it. At the table Ruth asks Jack about the accommodations in steerage, and he says they are the best he has seen, hardly any rats. They chuckle. Cal says Dawson is joining them from third class because he assisted Rose. She says he is a fine artist. Jack notices all the utensils, and Molly whispers that he should start from the outside and work his way in. Ruth asks Jack where he lives and how he manages to travel. He says he works his way on tramp steamers, but he won his ticket here in a lucky hand at poker. Ruth asks if he likes the rootless wandering, and Jack says he loves not knowing what is going to happen each day. He was sleeping under a bridge, but now he is on the grandest ship in the world dining with fine people. He figures life is a gift and learns to take life as it comes. He throws matches to Cal. They toast to make life count. Molly tells the story of how her husband burned up a bag of money she hid to roast a pig. Rose informs Jack that now the men are going to smoke in the brandy room and congratulate each other on being masters of the universe. A gentleman invites Jack to join them, but he says he has to be heading back. Cal says it wouldn’t interest him anyway and tosses his matches back to him. Jack tells Rose that he has to go row with the other slaves. He says goodnight and while kissing her hand passes her a note. He walks away, and she furtively reads it, asking her to meet him at the clock. There Jack asks if she wants to go to a real party.
      Below the poor people are dancing to an Irish jig. Jack dances with a little girl, and Rose is drinking beer. Jack persuades Rose to dance with him, and he puts his hand on her back. He goes on a wooden platform and tap dances. Rose dances there too. He whirls her around. He gets two more beers and watches her drink a lot. She asks if a first-class girl can’t drink. A drunk man bumps him, spilling his beer on her dress. She tells tough men that she will show them something.  She goes up on the tips of her toes and tells Jack she has not done that in years. Lovejoy comes down stairs and sees Rose. She and Jack dance in a circle.
      Rose is having breakfast with Cal and says she was too tired last night to come to him. He asks if her exertions below deck exhausted her. He tells her never to behave like that again and asks if she understands. She says he cannot command her like a foreman in one of his mills. She says she is his fiancée. He says she is but also is his wife by practice. He knocks over the table and tells her that she will honor him the way a wife honors her husband because he is not a fool. He asks if it is unclear, and she says no. He excuses himself and walks away. Rose is in shock, and a maid helps her.
      Rose is dressing with a maid, and Ruth comes in and sends the maid out. Ruth helps tie her corset and tells her never to see that boy again. She orders it, but Rose disagrees. Rose says their situation is precarious because the money is gone. Rose says she reminds her every day. Ruth says her father left them with debts and a good name, which is the only card they can play. She says the match with Hockley is fine and will ensure their survival. Rose asks how she can put this on her shoulders. Ruth asks why she is being so selfish, but Rose sees it the other way. Ruth asks if she wants to see her mother working as a seamstress. Everything would have to be sold at auction. Ruth says they are women, and their choices are never easy. She kisses Rose on the cheek and cinches up her corset.
      First-class people sing a hymn at a church service. Jack comes down the stairs and says hello to Mr. Andrews. A waiter tells Jack he can’t be there. Jack turns to Lovejoy who says Cal asked him to give him this. Jack says he does not want the money. Lovejoy says they also want to remind him that he has a third-class ticket. Jack says he wants to talk to Rose for one second. Lovejoy hands the money to the waiter and tells him to make sure that Dawson gets back to third class and stays there. He and another man escort Jack out.
      Sparks hands Captain Smith another ice warning. Smith tells Andrews, Cal, Rose, and Ruth there is nothing to worry about because it is quite normal for this time of year. He says he ordered the last boilers, and they are speeding up.
      Jack climbs up to the first-class deck and borrows an overcoat and hat. Rose asks Andrews if it is true that there are not enough lifeboats for everyone on board. He says there are enough for about half. He wanted to put more boats in; but some thought the deck would look too cluttered, and he was over-ruled. Cal says the boats are wasting deck space as it is an unsinkable ship. Andrews says he built a good ship and the next stop is the engine room. Jack catches Rose, and they go into an empty room. He wants to talk to her. She says she is engaged and is marrying Cal because she loves him. Jack says she is a spoiled brat, but underneath she is an amazing and wonderful girl. He knows how the world works and admits that he has nothing to offer her. He says he cannot turn away without knowing that she is going to be all right. She says she is fine. He doubts that she will be fine. He says she will be trapped if she is not free. The fire he loves may go out, and he touches her face. She says it is not up to him to save her. He agrees that only she can do that. She says she is going back and tells him to leave her alone. She goes out.
      At a table Rose is listening as Ruth tells two other ladies the problems they have had preparing for the wedding because Rose changed her mind about things. Rose looks at a child being taught table manners.
      At sunset Jack is on the bow, and Rose comes to him and says she changed her mind. He asks for her hand and has her close her eyes. He tells her to step up and close her eyes. She trusts him. He holds her arms out and holds her waist. He tells her to open her eyes, and she feels like a plane. He sings softly in her ear. He brings her arms down and kisses her.
      Old Rose says that was the last daylight that the Titanic saw. Brock says the ship is too big for its rudder and is hard to steer.
      Rose takes Jack into her elegant sitting room. He admires a Monet. She says Cal won’t be there as long as the cigars and brandy hold out. She shows him the blue diamond and says she wants him to draw her wearing only this. He prepares his tools, and she comes back in wearing a negligee which she lets fall to the floor. He tells her to lie on the couch and how to position her arms. He has her look at him and asks her to stay still. He starts drawing, and she says he looks serious. She smiles and says he is blushing. She asks if Monet blushes, and he says he does landscapes. He tells her not to laugh.
      Old Rose says her heart was pounding. Bodine asks what happened next. She says Jack was very professional.
      Later Rose asks Jack to put a box back in the safe, and he does so.
      Lovejoy tells Cal that none of the stewards have seen her. Cal tells him to find her.
      Murdoch tells Captain Smith he has never seen it so flat and calm, and he warns him it will make icebergs harder to see. Smith says he is off and that he is to maintain speed.
      Jack sees Rose in a new dress and says she looks nice. They hear Lovejoy coming in and go into other rooms and then into a hall. Lovejoy follows them, and they start running. They get into an elevator and go down. Lovejoy goes down the stairs.
      Jack and Rose escape into a hall below. Lovejoy sees them, and Jack takes her into the engine room where men shovel coal. They go into a storage room and find a luxurious automobile. He opens the door for her. She gets in the back, and he acts as the driver. She pulls him into the back seat. He asks if she is nervous, and she says no and puts her head on his shoulder. She asks him to put his hands on her, and he kisses her.
      Sailors on top complain how cold it is. Other officers are looking for the binoculars.
      Jack and Rose are making love and are perspiring. He lays his head on her chest.
      Cal opens the safe and finds the drawing Jack made of Rose with a note from Jack.
      Jack and Rose are laughing on the deck. She says when the ship docks, she is getting off with him. He says it is crazy, but she trusts it and kisses him.
      The cold sailors above notice them. Suddenly they see an iceberg ahead and call to report the iceberg ahead. Others turn the ship to the starboard. An officer orders full astern. Men run around and try to slow down the ship. The engine stops and then reverses. The ship keeps moving. The sailor on top asks why they are not turning. The bow is turning and misses the iceberg which hits the side of the ship. A wall of the ship is sheared and starts leaking much water. Jack and Rose see the iceberg as the ship moves past it. Jack looks from the rail at the damage.
      Some men escape from the engine room as it fills with water before the hatch closes, but others don’t.
      At 11:40 Captain Smith comes on the bridge, and Murdoch tells him how they hit the iceberg. Smith orders all stop. He looks around and tells a man to find the carpenter and to get him to sound the ship.
      In third class water is in the rooms and hall.
      A woman in first class asks why the engines stopped.
      Cal complains that he has been robbed.
      Jack and Rose walk up stairs and see the captain. He says it is bad, and she says they should tell her mother and Cal. Lovejoy finds them in the hall, and he drops the diamond in Jack’s coat pocket. They go in the suite, and Cal orders them to search Jack. They find the blue diamond in his pocket, and Jack tells Rose not to believe it. She says he couldn’t have because she was with him the whole time. Cal says he did it while she was putting her clothes back on. Jack says they put it in his pocket. Lovejoy says the jacket was stolen too and was reported earlier. Jack says he was going to return it. He tells Rose not to believe them as they take him away.
      Andrews lays out the blueprint and says five compartments are breached. He explains they could stay afloat with four breached but not with five. He tells Smith that as the bow goes down, the water will spill over and go back with no way of stopping it. Smith says they will use the pumps. Andrews says the pumps buy them only minutes more time. Andrews says no matter what they do the Titanic will founder. Ismay says the ship can’t sink; but Andrews assures him it is made of iron and will sink. Smith asks how much time they have, and Andrews says one hour or two at the most. Murdoch says there are 2,200 souls on board. Smith tells Ismay that he will get his headlines.
      In their suite Cal slaps Rose and calls her a slut. A man comes in and tells them they are to put on their lifebelts and come on the deck. He advises them to dress warmly because it is quite cold out. He tells Rose not to worry because he believes it is just a precaution.
      Stewards tell third-class passengers to put on their lifebelts.
      Smith orders a distress call sent and to tell whoever responds that they are going down by the head and will need assistance.
      Sailors are getting the lifeboats ready. Andrews asks where the passengers are, and an officer says they moved them back inside because it is too cold and noisy out here.
      In first class an orchestra is playing as people are wearing the lifebelts. Ruth says she wants a cup of tea when she returns. Rose asks Andrews to tell her the truth, and he says the ship will sink in an hour or so. Cal hears this. Andrews does not want to cause a panic. He advises them to get to a boat quickly, and she remembers there are not enough.
      An officer has handcuffed Jack to a pillar, and Lovejoy with a pistol says he will keep an eye on him.
      The radio man tells the Captain that they received a response and that they will be here in four hours. The Second Officer Lightoller (Jonny Phillips) tells Captain Smith that the boats are ready, and he asks if they should get the women and children into the boats. Smith orders that women and children will go first. Lightoller tells the women and children to come now. The orchestra has moved to the deck and plays.
      Those in third class are locked below and are not being allowed on the deck.
      The first lifeboat is lowered slowly. A bright flare is sent up. The front of the ship is already below the water line.
      Lovejoy notices the tilt and tells Jack he believes the ship will sink. He gives Jack a fist to the stomach from Cal.
      Rose tells Ruth that half the people will die, and Cal says not the better half. Molly tells Ruth to get in the boat. She gets in the boat. Cal tells Rose it is a pity he did not keep that drawing because it will be worth much more in the morning. She calls him a bastard. Rose declines to get into the boat and tells her mother goodbye. Cal grabs Rose and insults her. She says she would rather be Jack’s whore than Cal’s wife. He tries to hold her. She spits in his face and runs off. The boat with Ruth is being lowered as she calls to Rose.
      Jack is left alone and shouts for help.
      Rose finds Andrews and asks where the master boatswain would take a prisoner. He tells her how to get there.
      Jack sees water coming in and tries to kick out the port-hole window.
      Rose gets in an elevator and persuades the operator to take her down. She gets out in more than a foot of water and looks around. She calls to Jack. He hears her and calls back. She finds him and says she is sorry. He tells her to find a spare key and tells her to look in a cabinet. She looks in a desk. He asks how she knew he didn’t do it, and she says she already knew. He tells her to go find some help. She kisses him and says she will be right back.
      Rose goes up stairs and calls for help, but no one is there. She sees a man who refuses to wait. The lights go out and come back on. She asks a steward for help as he drags her. She hits him, and he leaves her. She breaks glass to get an ax. She goes down stairs and sees the water several feet deep. She holds on to pipes on the ceiling and then can walk in water four feet deep.
      She finds Jack and asks if the ax will work. He advises her to take some practice swings first. She takes a few swings, and he tells her to hit it hard and fast. She swings the ax, and it breaks loose the handcuffs. They escape together.
      The Titanic is sinking slowly and sends up another flare. Lovejoy tells Cal that he can’t find Rose, but there is a boat on the other side that is letting men on. Cal says that is their insurance.
      Jack and Rose break out of a room, and an employee says they will have to pay for the Star Line property. They both tell him to shut up.
      Andrews comes to Lightoller and asks him why the lifeboats are being lowered half full. He says the boats are built for 65, and they have only 20 or 30 in them; one had only 12. Lightoller says they were not sure of the weight they would hold. Andrews says they were tested and can hold 70 Irish men. He orders him to fill the boats. Lightoller says he needs more women and children.
      The third-class passengers persuade a man to unlock the gate, and they fight the employees who lock the gates again. Jack finds Tommy and Fabrizio and says they have to get out of here fast. Jack leads Rose in a hall and up stairs. He demands that a man open the gate, but he refuses. They get a large bench and use it to break through the gate.
      Men are pushing forward by the boats, and fights occur. Lightoller tells them to keep order, or he will shoot them. One officer fires two shots. Cal says they don’t have much time. Jack and Rose come out on the top deck, and she says the boats are gone. She asks if there are more boats. The orchestra gets frustrated because no one is listening to them. The leader says they don’t listen to them at dinner either, and they go on playing.
      Lightoller fires his revolver in the air twice and tells them women and children only.
      Lovejoy tells Cal that he found her on the other side waiting for a boat with him. Murdoch asks if there are any more women and children. Then he asks for anyone else. Men are getting it, but Cal goes to look for her. Ismay gets in the boat, and Murdoch orders the boat lowered.
      A father says goodbye to his children. Rose tells Jack she will not go without him. He tells her to get on the boat. Cal arrives and tells her to get on the boat. He covers her with his overcoat. Cal tells her he has an arrangement on the other side of the ship and that he and Jack can both get off safely. She is persuaded and gets on the boat that is lowered. Cal and Jack tell each other that they are good liars. Cal says there is an arrangement but that Jack won’t benefit from it. Cal says he always wins. Jack and Rose look at each other as her boat is slowly lowered. Suddenly she jumps from the boat to a lower deck. She runs and meets Jack who has come down to find her. He says she is so stupid and asks why she did that. They kiss each other, and she is glad to be with him. Cal sees them. He takes the gun from Lovejoy and shoots down at Jack who ducks. Jack and Rose run down the stairs, and Cal slips. He gets up and pursues them and shoots at them until  he runs out of bullets. By then they are in water.
      Jack and Rose have made it up to first class.
      Lovejoy asks Cal what could possibly be funny. Cal says he put the diamond in the coat; but he put the coat on her.
      Jack and Rose see a boy crying, and he picks him up. They run in a watery hall. A man takes the boy from Jack who tells him he is going the wrong way. A door bursts open, and water floods out. Jack and Rose are swept into a gate. They hold onto ceiling pipes and get to a stairway, but a gate stops them. A waiter runs by, and they beg him to open the gate. He has keys, but he can’t get them to work. He runs off. Jack manages to get the keys and finds one that works when the water is up to their necks. They get to another stairway.
      A boat is being moved and is damaged. Murdoch with a gun is holding the men back with a gun. Cal gives him money, but he refuses it. Murdoch shoots Tommy. Murdoch sees the blood and the desperate men, and he shoots himself in the head and falls in the water. Another boat falls to a deck. Cal picks up a child and says he has a child. He tells the officer that he is all she has in the world, and he lets them both on the boat.
      Rose sees Andrews by a fireplace and tells Jack to wait. She asks if he is going to make a try for it. He is sorry he did not build a stronger ship. He gives her his lifebelt and wishes her good luck.
      Guggenheim declines a lifebelt and says he intends to go down as a gentleman. Captain Smith declines a lifebelt and goes into the bridge that has water.
      The orchestra breaks up, but the violinist plays by himself “Nearer My God to Thee” and is joined by two others.
      An elderly couple lie on a bed together.
      More of the ship goes underwater as sailors try to cut the ropes. People move toward the stern.
      Water comes into the Captain’s room.
      People are struggling to launch the last boats. Jack tells Rose they have to stay on the ship as long as possible, and they move.
      Water breaks in and overcomes people inside the ship.
      The ship is breaking. Jack helps Rose go up stairs on the deck. The stern of the ship is rising in the air. A priest prays where people have gathered on that end. Jack helps Rose get to the rail on the stern. She reminds him this is where they first met. The stern is rising faster toward a vertical position. A few people jump into the water below.
      The people in the boats watch the ship sinking. The lights go out. Lovejoy sees the middle of the ship breaking apart. The stern comes down into the water again in a horizontal position; but then the other part of the ship starts pulling it down and into a vertical position again. Jack pulls Rose over the rail, and they are on top of the ship when it becomes completely vertical. He tells her to hold on. Some people let go and fall. They start sinking as the entire ship goes into the water. Jack tells her to prepare to take a deep breath. He tells her not to let go of his hand. They are on the last part of the ship to go under. They are separated and swim underwater.
      Rose comes to the surface with her lifebelt among many people who are thrashing around. A man is holding on to Rose and pulling her down. Jack sees her and makes the man let go of her. He tells her to swim, and he gets them to a wooden structure. She uses it as a raft while he hangs on while in the water. Jack says the boats are coming back for them. People are shouting for help.
      An officer tells those on his boat that if they go to help them, they will swamp them and kill them all. Molly says there are room for more. The officer orders her to shut up, or they will have one less. One officer orders them to transfer women and children so that they can go get more people.
      Jack is cold and tells Rose he is going to write a letter. She says she loves him. He tells her not to say her goodbyes yet. He says she will get out of here and will make babies and die an old lady in her bed. She says she can’t feel her body. He is thankful for meeting her. He asks her to promise that she will survive and will not give up. She promises that she will never let go. They both are shivering.
      An officer on a boat uses a flashlight and asks if any of those in the water floating with their lifebelts are moving; but they find that they are dead. He shouts if there is anyone alive out there. He tells them to keep checking them and looking.
      Rose is singing softly on the raft. After a while she calls to Jack and says there is a boat. He does not respond. She cries. She sees the boat and asks them to come back. The officer calls and asks if anyone can hear him. She lets Jack sink into the water and promises she will never let go. She goes in the water and swims to another piece of wood where a dead man has a whistle. She blows the whistle.
      Old Rose says 1,500 people went into the sea. Of the twenty boats only one came back. She was one of the six people in the water who were saved. The 700 people in the boats waited.
      In the morning the Carpathia picks them up. On board Cal comes down to a lower deck where people from steerage are. Rose sees him but ignores him.
      Old Rose says that was the last time she ever saw him.
      In the rain as they pass the Statue of Liberty she gives her name as Rose Dawson.
      Old Rose says she never spoke of him before now. She says Jack Dawson saved her in every way. She has no picture of him but only memories.
      Brock says for three years he thought of nothing but the Titanic looking for the diamond, but he never let it in. Old Rose walks on the deck in her nightgown to the stern of the boat and climbs on to the rail. She holds the blue diamond in her hand, remembering how she discovered it in her pocket. She drops it in the sea, and it sinks.
      Old Rose sleeps in her bedroom that has many pictures of her.
      Rose returns to the Titanic and kisses Jack as people applaud.
      This epic drama is a fictional story set in a historical event. The main characters are fictional except for Molly Brown, Captain Smith, and the officers except that Murdoch did not commit suicide. The contrast between first and third class passengers depicts the class structure at that time, and in fact more women and children in third class died than survived while only four women and one child from first class perished.

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