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Dog Day Afternoon

(1975 c 124')

En: 7 Ed: 7

Based on a true story and directed by Sidney Lumet, two desperate men try to rob a bank and hold the employees hostage for several hours with police and onlookers outside.
      On August 22, 1972 in Brooklyn, New York three men are sitting in a parked car. The driver Stevie (Gary Springer) gets out and walks over to a bank and comes back to talk to the others. Sal (John Cazale), wearing a suit and tie, gets out of the car with a small suitcase and goes into the bank.
      Sonny Wortzik (Al Pacino), wearing a suit and tie, gets out of the car with a long gift package and goes into the bank. The third young man, wearing a T-shirt, comes into the bank.
      Sal ascertains that the man at a desk on the phone is the manager, and then he puts a paper on the desk and sits down. He pulls out a gun and tells him to act as if nothing has happened. The manager says he will call back and hangs up.
      Stevie and Sonny are standing together at a counter and talk quietly to each other. Stevie says he feels bad vibes and suggests they try a smaller place; but Sonny says it has already started because Sal has his gun out. Sonny tells Stevie to go over by the door, but he moves only a few steps. Sonny walks up to a teller and puts a paper down. Then he opens the box and pulls out his rifle, standing in the middle of the room and ordering the tellers to move away from the alarms. He tells Stevie to take a man’s head off if he moves and to hold his gun on him. Stevie tells Sonny that he can’t do it; he is not going to make it. Sonny tells Sal, who says to let him go. Sonny asks the guard to let him out, and the black employee unlocks the outer door. Sonny goes over to Stevie who hands him his gun. Sonny tells him not to take the car, and Stevie asks how he will get home. Sonny tells him to take the subway and leave him the keys. Stevie hands the keys to Sonny who puts them into his pocket. Sonny tells the black man to lock the door as he backs into a plant. As he is walking away, Stevie sees a woman hiding behind a desk. He goes back in and tells Sonny about her before leaving. Sonny tells the black man to lock the door. Sonny finds the woman under the desk and has her move. He orders the drapes pulled. He pulls out a can of spray paint and uses it to cover a TV camera. He goes to the other TV camera and has to use a chair to stand on to wipe it out. Sonny sees the manager using a key and takes it away from him. He tells them all not to set off any alarms. Sonny orders the manager to have a woman use the other key to open the vault. He takes out a plastic trash bag and tells her to put the money in it. She puts in a little and says that is all there is as she is crying. She says they picked it up this afternoon; there is only $1,100. Sonny looks for more money but can’t find any. They come out of the vault.
      The phone rings, and Sonny tells the manager to answer it with Sal watching him. Sonny asks who is the head teller and tells her to take the money out of the drawers. He shows her how to put a piece of paper in and take out the money. He says he worked in a bank and knows about the alarms. He sees large bills in packages and says it is shit because they are marked. He throws a bunch in the air. The head teller tells Sonny to watch his language because they have young women there. He tells her to get the travelers checks and the register. He puts down his gun and uses a cigarette lighter to burn the pages in the register. He puts it in a waste basket and says they are leaving. The manager tells the black man Howard (John Marriott) to give him the keys. Sonny gets the keys. Sal tells Sonny there is a man across the street looking at the bank. The man crosses the street toward the door. Sonny runs to the window and looks at the man. He says he probably saw the fire and tells them to put out the fire. Sonny runs back and tries to put out the fire. A woman says she will get some water, and Sal orders her to stay there. The women scream, and the woman says not to kill her. The manager has been on the phone and says he will call back later and hangs up. The man knocks on the door, and the manager goes to unlock the door. He tells the man they had a fire in a wastebasket, but it is okay now. He says everything is all right, and the man goes away.
      Sonny tells the manager to answer the phone again. He says the manager is coming with them. A woman tells Sonny not to close the vault because they will not be able to breathe. Sonny starts to close iron bars, and the head teller says he can’t do that to her because she has to go to the bathroom, and she has a terrible fear of being locked in. Sonny asks who needs to go to the bathroom, and another woman speaks up. Sal says now they all want to go. The head teller says he can check out the bathroom, and Sonny goes to do so with her. He opens the door, and he sees Maria in there. He has her come out, and they go back to the vault. He gives them a waste basket to use.
      The phone rings, and the manager tells Sonny it is for him. Sonny comes to the phone, and Detective Sergeant Eugene Moretti (Charles Durning) tells him he is across the street in the barbershop and can see him right now. He is with some policemen and says they have them “by the balls.” Several police cars with sirens arrive. Moretti tells him to come to the front door, and Sonny hangs up. He and Sal sit on the floor.
      Outside the police move the gathering people away from the bank.
      Sonny asks the manager if he harmed him, and the manager says he told him to leave. The head teller says he has no plan, but Sonny says he had a plan. He says the money was supposed to be delivered, not taken away; a man downtown gave him the wrong information. The manager says they all want to get out of this. The phone is ringing, and Sonny says he has to think.
      A car with a siren arrives, and two men in plain clothes get out.
      Sonny picks up the phone and says to keep away from the bank, or they will start throwing out bodies one at a time. He asks who it is and listens for a while. Then he asks for Jenny (Carol Kane), and she comes forward. He says it is her husband and hands her the phone. Another phone is ringing. She asks what she should tell him, but he doesn’t know. Sonny answers the phone as if it was a radio station. Moretti tells him not to hang up, and he asks if anyone has been hurt. Sonny says no one has been hurt; but if he does not keep away from the bank, they will throw bodies out. Moretti wants to talk with him and asks how many people he has in there. Sonny tells him to call him back and hangs up.  Jennie says her husband wants to know what time he will be through.
      A truck with barricades arrives, and the police start unloading them.
      Sonny asks where the back door is, and the manager says it is locked from the inside. Sonny learns where it is and tells Sal to cover them. Sonny goes to the back door and bangs on it.
      Outside police sharpshooters are around the building. The police have set up the wooden barricades to keep the crowd away from them and their cars.
      Sonny looks in the bathroom, comes back, and tells Jenny to end her call. He asks Sal and says there is a way out of this. Sal asks if he is serious about throwing out bodies. Sonny says that was what he wanted them to think, not what he wanted Sal to think. Sal says he is ready to do it, and he means it. Sonny says he knows.
      Sonny has the employees in the vault and tells them there is a way out of this. He tells them to cooperate with him and stay cool. No one will get hurt if they listen to what he says. He says the head teller is going to go to the bathroom, and everyone will get their chance. Howard appears ill and slides down to the floor. A woman says he has asthma.  Sonny says he will take care of it. He asks the manager his name and finds out he is Mulvaney (Sully Boyar). Sonny has him go with him to the back door and says he wants to block the door. They move heavy equipment together to the door. Sonny asks if he has kids, and he says yes. Sonny asks if he has bank insurance, and Mulvaney says he knows a lot. Sonny asks if he could take him with him. He says the cops shoot people, and he mentions that they killed 41 people at Attica. Sonny says he will take a woman with kids because police don’t like that in the papers.
      Outside Moretti welcomes two FBI men as they arrive in a car. A police department bus arrives, and journalists with cameras gather around. Moretti tells the policemen on the fire escape to get on the roof. A police helicopter enables a TV cameramen to operate. The police have taken over the barber shop. Moretti calls Mulvaney and asks to talk to Sonny.
      Sonny asks what they should do. Moretti makes sure that everyone is okay, and Sonny says they are. Sonny says Sal is with him, and he is a killer. They are Vietnam veterans, and so killing does not mean anything to them. Moretti learns they were in the army and asks Sonny’s name. Sonny asks why he wants to know his name. Moretti asks for a name so that he will have something to call him. He says he can call him Sonny. Moretti says he wants to come over there without a gun to see how he can get the people out of there. Moretti asks him to let the people out of the bank. Sonny says he is not an idiot, and they are keeping him alive. Moretti asks for some of the women. Sonny asks how he can call him back, and Moretti says they have a direct line; he only has to pick up the phone. Sonny hangs up and says he wants one. He sees Howard suffering and says they can have him. Two women help Howard walk. The head teller helps Howard to the door and tells Sonny she needs the key. Sonny gives her a key, and they open the door. Howard comes outside, and a man runs up to him. He and another man take Howard away. Moretti shouts that they should not fire, and the head teller says he is the hostage they voted to send out. Moretti runs over and tells the two men in plain clothes to get away from Howard. Moretti sees Sonny at the door holding the head teller and tells him it was Sonny’s fault because they had communication set up. He says they have 250 cops there. He asks what is going on in there, and the head teller says they almost killed him. Sonny says he wanted a hostage, and he gave him one. Moretti says he should have picked up the phone. Moretti in the street opens and takes off his jacket to show that he does not have a gun. Moretti asks him to come out and see what he is up against. Sonny says if anything happens to him, Sal may kill people. Sonny says he has to check with Sal first.
      Sonny runs in, and Sal tells him he has five minutes. Sonny holds up a white handkerchief, and Moretti tells men with guns to get back. Sonny comes out of the door, and Moretti shows him the snipers on top of buildings and many police with guns in the street. Sonny says he has the militia out there. Moretti asks Sal to come out and look. He says nobody has been hurt; he will only get kidnapping charges. He will get five years and be out in one. Sonny tells him to kiss him because when he is getting fucked, he likes to be kissed. He says bank robbing is a federal offense. They have him on armed robbery and kidnapping and will bury him. He tells Moretti that he does not want to talk to a flunky pig who is trying to con him. He wants to talk to someone in charge. Sonny sees men with guns near him and tells them to get back. Moretti tells them to back up, and they stop pointing their guns and move back. Sonny shouts, “Attica” several times, and the crowd cheers. Police are running in the street. Sonny tells Moretti to have them put their guns down. The crowd is cheering. A helicopter hovers overhead, and Sonny shouts, “You got it.”
      At home Sonny’s parents are watching on television. His mother (Judith Molina) says if he needed money, he should have come to her. During the TV report his father asks why he should rob a bank if he has a sucker for a mother.
      The head teller is on the sidewalk answering questions from a reporter. She says the guy inside is the quiet type. Sonny opens the door, and Moretti asks if she can stay out; but she says they are her girls, and she is going back in there. She waves and goes back in with Sonny.
      Inside she tells the girls that she was interviewed. Mulvaney answers the phone and tells Sonny that the television people want to talk to him. He is asked why is robbing a bank, and Sonny says he is doing it to get money. He is asked why he is stealing rather than working. Sonny says you have to be in a union. He says a bank teller makes only $115 a week to start. He says he has a wife and a couple kids and asks how he is going to live on that. He asks the reporter how much he makes. Sonny says he is there with his partner and nine other people. He says they are going to show him dead. The reporter asks why he does not give himself up, and Sonny asks if he has ever been in prison. He says no, and Sonny says let’s talk about something you know. The TV report stops, and Sonny finds he is not on the line anymore. Sonny asks, “What the fuck happened?” Mulvaney says maybe he did not like his language. The women are out of the vault and some are sitting in chairs. Sonny confers with Sal and says the FBI might deal with them. He asks what Sal thinks. Sal says no and asks if he made a promise that they would get away clean, or they would kill themselves. Sal asks if he keeps his promises, and asks what he is talking about. The phone rings, and Sal says he is not going back to prison. Sonny answers the phone, and a man tells him to kill them with his bayonet. Sonny slams the phone down. Sonny paces and asks Sal if they should ask for a jet. They could get a helicopter there to take them to a jet that would fly them out of the country. He tells Sal they can do it. They have the hostages and can make the demands. He wants to fly to the tropics. He asks if they want to go to Algeria. Sonny tells Sal that he can make it happen.
      Sonny picks up the phone and tells Moretti that he wants to talk to him. He tells the women to call their families that they are leaving the country. Sonny tells Sal to say goodbye to whoever he wants to now. Sonny asks what country he wants to go to, and Sal says Wyoming. Sonny says that is not a country, and he will take care of it.
      Sonny with the white handkerchief goes outside and talks to the crowd, telling them to put their guns away. The crowd applauds. A young man runs on the sidewalk and knocks Sonny down. Moretti follows as four men carry the man to a police car. Moretti comes back, and Sonny asks how that happened. Mulvaney opens the door and tells Sonny that Sal is going to shoot if he does not talk to Sonny who runs in and tells Sal it is all right. Sonny goes back out and shows Moretti that his face is bleeding. Sonny tells him that some creep called and told him to kill everybody. Sonny says he wants a helicopter to take him to a big jet that he can take to another country. Moretti says he does not know where it would land, and Sonny suggests the roof. Sonny tells him to get his superiors down there. Moretti agrees and asks what else he wants. Sonny says he wants his wife down there. Moretti asks what he will give them and asks for the women hostages. Sonny says he can’t talk to him; he told him that all he has in there is women. He gave him one hostage. Sonny says he will give him one hostage for each thing he gives him—one for the helicopter, one for the jet, and one for his wife. Then the rest come home on the jet. Moretti tells him to pick out who he will give them, and he pulls out paper and a pen and asks him to tell them where his wife is.
      Sonny’s wife Angie (Susan Peretz) with her two kids is telling two policemen that Sonny never did anything bad, but yesterday she noticed that he had a loaded gun. They all go into her apartment. She says she is scared of him now. She says she hit him once in the car. She does not believe it he did it. The policeman says he wants her at the bank.
      Women are talking in the bank, and Sonny answers the phone and hands it to a woman who breathes heavily into the phone and hangs up. The head teller and another woman are trying to cool down Margaret (Beulah Garrick) who feels bad. They ask about the air conditioning. Sonny learns from Mulvaney that it is in the basement. Sonny tells Sal that he is going to check the air conditioning. Sal comes out of a conference room and tells Sonny that he has never been up in an airplane before. Sonny says it is safer than a car. Sonny says he is going to check it and goes with Mulvaney. He examines the back door and runs back and tells Sal that they are coming in the back. Sal tells them to get in the vault, and the women react. Sonny shoots at the window over the back door.
      Outside police and others react to the gun shot by moving. Police kneel and point their guns. Moretti calls to Sonny and asks for a bullhorn.
      Inside Sonny hears Moretti. The crowd shouts “Sonny,” and Moretti tells someone to take care of that. Moretti asks Sonny to come out. Sonny goes to the door and waves his white handkerchief.
      Sonny opens the door, and Moretti asks why he fired a shot. Sonny says they were trying to get in. They argue, and Sonny says he won’t talk to him anymore. Moretti admits they did it without his orders. Sonny asks what they were doing back there. They agree they are not communicating. Sonny says a guy in there is going to kill somebody, and it is Moretti’s responsibility. Moretti says they got everything he wanted. He says they can’t get a helicopter in there, but they have a bus coming and a jet coming into Kennedy. They got ahold of his wife, and she is coming there in about a half hour. Sonny says they are pointing guns, and Moretti orders them to holster their weapons. Moretti says he will do anything he can. Sonny says the people inside are hungry, and he asks for food. Moretti asks if they want some pizzas, and Sonny says all right. Moretti orders a man to get them. Sonny asks for beer, and Moretti says to keep it to soft drinks. Moretti asks what else, and Sonny asks for some aspirin. Sonny tells him not to con him, and Moretti says he would not do that. He has enough trouble.
      Sonny goes back in and tells Sal that they can’t bring the helicopter, but they will bring a limousine bus. Sonny tells the people that he is getting them pizza and some aspirin. Mulvaney tells Sonny that he did a foolish thing back there. Mulvaney asks if they are going to get the ball rolling, and Sonny says he has to do everything alone and keep everybody happy. He asks Mulvaney if he wants to try it. He hears the food is there and tells Mulvaney he is getting on his nerves. Sonny goes to the door and sees a young man carrying pizza. He goes out and asks how much he owes him. Moretti says it is all paid for, but Sonny puts some money in the man’s pocket. The crowd cheers, and he throws paper money at them three times. They scurry for the money, and the police try to keep them back. Some people are arrested and put in a truck. Sonny takes the three pizzas and box of drinks into the bank. The delivery man takes a bow.
      At an airport police cars pull up by a small jet.
      Sonny is showing a woman how to kick a rifle and twirl it. In the conference room the head teller Sylvia (Penelope Allen) asks for a cigarette, but another woman says Silvia does not smoke. Sal asks her why she is starting now, and she says she is scared. She asks Sal why he does not smoke, and he says he does not want cancer. He urges her to take care of her body which is the “temple of the Lord.” She says he robs a bank, but he keeps his body pure. He asks if she is going to smoke it. She says it will be his fault if she gets cancer; but he says it will be because she is weak. Sonny takes his rifle back and talks on the phone. Moretti says they are bringing in his wife.
      Outside a police car arrives. Two men in plain clothes escort a man in a robe and tell Moretti that they went to Bellevue as he said, and this man said he married him in a church. Sonny comes out and calls to Leon to come over here. He tells him happy birthday, and Leon Shermer (Chris Sarandon) faints. Police put him in a barber chair and give him water.
      Sonny goes back and talks to Moretti on the phone, asking to talk to him. Moretti says he is groggy, and he will get him on his feet and call him back. Moretti tells them to close the door and stop the sound in the barbershop. Moretti uses a cloth to damp down Leon’s face. Moretti tells Leon that he has Sal in there who said he is going to shoot eight people. He asks Leon to talk him out of it, but he says he can’t help. Moretti asks who he will listen to, and Leon says he has been crazy all summer. He says he has been trying to kill him since June; he put a gun to his head, cut him with a knife, and beat up his friends. Moretti asks if he contacted the police. He says it would just make him mad. He says he is crazy. He says he has a wife and children, and he is a wonderful father. His mother and father are like a bad car wreck. He says he sees them and pays the rent. Leon says he was the one who wanted to get married. He doesn’t know why he did it. Moretti asks Leon why he wanted to get married. He says he hoped it would help him, but it didn’t. He was confused and was doing insane things. Moretti asks what. Leon says after the wedding he ran off for ten days to Atlantic City. Sonny was frantic. Leon says he went to a psychiatrist who told him that he was a woman trapped in a man’s body. He says Sonny wanted to get him money for the sex change operation, but he didn’t know where he could get $2,500. He was already in debt deeply. Moretti asks if he wanted the money for Leon who says it was driving him crazy. He says he would fly into rages. Leon knew he would never get his operation; so he tried to kill himself by taking pills. He ended up in the hospital. Sonny came and looked at him and asked why he did it when things were going so good. Moretti asks Leon if he thinks he did it for him, and he says yes. Moretti asks if he owes it to him and to get him out of there. Leon says he can’t talk to him. Moretti says he is an accessory; but Leon says they can’t hold him responsible. Moretti asks him to talk to him, and Leon says no; he is afraid. Moretti asks how he can hurt him on the phone. Leon starts crying and says he can’t. Moretti tells him to think about it. Moretti calls Sonny and says he doesn’t want to talk to him.
      Sonny hangs up and tells Sal that Leon does not want to talk to him. Women watch a TV report about Leon who is being held in the barbershop; they were married with seven male bridesmaids. They report that their gowns cost $700. They are getting phone calls from the gay community with different views. They summarize that two homosexuals are holding hostages in a bank. Sal tells Sonny what they said, and he asks what difference it makes. He says they can say anything they want. Sal says he is not a homosexual, and he tells him to have them get it right because it is going out on TV. Sonny asks what he can do, and he tells him to forget it. He says it will be all right. Sonny asks the hostages what is the matter with them. He says they should not let anything spoil their fun. He asks where the jet is.
      At the airport a large jet has landed.
      A woman suggests that Sonny go to Holland because they sheltered people during the war. Suddenly the lights go out, and Sonny tells them to get in the vault. They hear Moretti on the bullhorn who tells Sonny to come out to talk. Sal cocks his gun. Sonny goes to the door and opens it. It is dark outside, and he tells Moretti to get the lights back on. A man in a suit with his hands up walks toward Sonny and says he is Sheldon (James Broderick) from the FBI. Sonny tells him to get the lights back on and the air conditioning, but Sheldon says the favors are over. He says they have a jet and will have a limousine there in a half hour. Sheldon has reached the curb and says he wants the hostages. Sonny explains he gets one hostage for the limousine and one for the jet. At the airport he goes into the plane and checks it all out; then they all come out. Sheldon says he wants to go inside to make sure they are all right. Sonny says he has guts, and he asks if Sal is going to let him out. Sonny says he will check with his partner, and he locks the door.
      Sonny tells Sal that the FBI agent is coming and comes back out and searches to make sure he has no gun. Sheldon admits he may have to kill him as part of his job. Sonny says he would rather be killed by someone who hates his guts. They go inside, and Sheldon keeps his hands up as he talks to the women. He says they will get what they want; what he wants is to get them all out safely. Sal tells him to tell the TV that there are not two homosexuals in there. Sheldon tells Sal he will do that. Sheldon goes back out with Sonny. At the door Sheldon tells Sonny that he has handled it well. He advises him not to try to take Sal; they will handle him. He tells Sonny to sit tight and not get hurt. Sonny asks what he is talking about. He says they will handle Sal, and he walks away. Sonny asks if he thinks he would sell him out. Sonny closes the door.
      Sal asks Sonny what he said. Sonny says they talked about the arrangements, and he says he talked to him about the TV. Sal asks if that is all, and Sonny says yes. Sal asks why they could not talk about that inside. Mulvaney collapses, and Sonny says they poisoned the pizza; but Sylvia says he has diabetes. Women attend to him. Sonny goes to the door and asks if there is a doctor out there; they need a doctor. Sheldon asks what is wrong, and Sonny says the manager is diabetic and does not look good. A man in a white coat runs over, and Sonny searches him and lets him in with his bag which he did not check. Sheldon tells Sonny that he persuaded Leon to talk to hi, and that he is on the phone.
      Sonny picks up the phone and asks Leon how he is doing. Leon in the barbershop says he is out of the hospital. Leon admits he is a little shaky. Sonny was wondering why he didn’t talk to him. Leon says they thought he was crazy and doped him up. Sonny says he is dying here. Leon tells him to listen to himself. He says he is not dying; he is killing the people around him. He sticks a gun to someone’s head. Sonny admits he does not know what he is doing with that. Leon agrees and says he tells someone to go to sleep because he is going to pull the trigger. Leon is confused about the death business, and Sonny does not know what to say about it. Sonny says he is feeling a lot of pressure. Leon wants the operation, and everybody is giving him shit. Leon says he did not ask him to rob a bank. Sonny agrees with that. Sonny says he did this all on his own, but he is getting out of here on a plane. He wanted to say goodbye to him, or he is free to come with him if he wants to. Leon says he has been trying to get away from him for six months. He asks where he is going. Sonny says he does not know, maybe Algeria. Leon asks why he is going there and says he is warped. Leon says crazy people are there, and he could have picked a better place. Sonny mentions Sweden and Denmark, and he says Sal wanted to go to Wyoming, not knowing it was not a country. Leon realizes that Sal is with him and says he is better off giving up. Sonny says he has gone too far with this to give up now. Leon asks for a favor. He says the guys down there think he is part of the plot to rob the bank. Sonny says that is crazy or a con job. Leon says he can’t survive in prison. Sonny says he is not going to prison, and Leon asks how he knows. Leon asks him to tell them, and Sonny asks if they are on the phone now. Leon says yes, and Sonny complains that he talked to him with them on the phone. Leon says he had no choice. He says there are 7,000 cops all around him. Sonny asks who is on the phone now. Moretti, Sheldon, and another man are listening but not talking. Leon says they won’t talk to him. Sonny tells them that Leon did not do it and tells them to get off the phone. Leon says they are off the phone, though they are still listening. Leon says he will go back to the hospital because they are trying to help him. Sonny asks if he is still going to have the operation, and he says yes. They say goodbye and hang up.
      Sonny picks up the phone and asks for an outside line. He is given a dial tone and dials his wife’s number. She answers and says she was watching it on TV. She sent the kids to the neighbors. He says he is dying, and she says she noticed he was tense. She complains about  how he treated her. She says she was scared. He shouts at her to shut up and listen to him. She says he hurt her by marrying another man. She realizes she is fat, and he tells her not to call herself that. She loves him but is scared they will shoot her. He says they are after him, not her. She says she can’t get a babysitter, and he hangs up. The doctor tells Sonny he needs to take Mulvaney back for a cardiac check. Sonny asks if he is going to die and walks over to Mulvaney. He says he can go, but Mulvaney says he does not want to go. He wishes Sonny never came into the bank.
      Sonny opens the door and lets the doctor out. The people are chanting to get out of the closet and into the streets. Then they shout, “Sonny all the way.” He closes the door.
      Mulvaney lights a cigarette for Sylvia. He apologizes to the ladies for his use of language. They ask what he said, and someone says he used the F word. They laugh, but Edna (Estelle Omens) says she is a Christian and gets upset. Sonny is talking to Sal, and they hear a man telling Sonny to come out because someone is there to see him.
      Sonny sees his mother in the street and goes out and talks to her. He says he is getting a plane and going to Algeria. He says he can’t stay out there and talk to her. She says they understand that it is the pressures from his home life. She says if Angie was treating him right, he would not need Leon. She does not understand him. He says he can’t talk to her now. She urges him to come out, but he says he can’t. He says if he comes out, Sal will kill the people in there. She tells him to run, and he says he can’t. He tells her to go home and asks where Pop is. He tells her to stay away from him. He tells them to take her home, and he goes back in the bank. Sheldon holds up his hands and mouths “ten minutes.”
      Sonny is dictating his will to a woman. He says he loves Leon more than any man has loved any man ever; he leaves him $2,700 from his $10,000 life insurance policy for his sex change operation. If there is any money left over, he wants it to go to him on the first anniversary of his death. To his sweet wife Angela he leaves $5,000, and he says she is the only woman he ever loved. He re-pledges his love to her in this sad moment. To his two children he hopes they will look after the family. He asks for forgiveness from his mother. She does not understand what he said and did, but he is different. He asks for a military funeral to which he is entitled free of charge. He asks God to bless them and watch over them until they are joined in the hereafter. He spells the last name and says he will sign it.
      A six-door limousine arrives and stops in the street in front of the bank. Sonny comes out and opens a door to check it out. He makes sure the seats do not come out, and the driver says they are bolted. He searches, and the black driver says he is the man he was watching. He says his old lady will not believe him. He searches each of the seats and says it is okay. Sheldon tells Sonny that agent Murphy (Lance Henriksen) will be his driver. Sonny says he wants the black man. Sheldon says no, but Sonny insists. The black man says if they are going to shoot, to aim for the white meat, and he gets in behind the wheel. Sonny calls him a cop and tells him to take a walk, and he points at agent Murphy standing next to Sheldon as the man he wants to drive. Sonny tells the others to get back, and he searches him.
      Sonny opens the door for him, and they go in. Murphy waits by the door. A woman gives Sonny the document. He tells them they are going now, and the women get ready. Sonny asks Sal how he is doing, and Sonny says they are going.
      Outside a helicopter can be heard, and snipers are aiming. The agent opens the door, and the people come out with Sonny and Sal in the middle of the tight group. Sonny instructs them how to get in the vehicle on the count of three. They all get in, and he says they did it. One woman is left outside, and Sonny tells Sheldon they got their one. Sheldon tells him to follow his car. Sonny says they did it. The driver asks Sal to keep the gun pointed up because if they hit a bump, the gun might go off. Sal cooperates.
      Sheldon in a police car says they are starting now, and the car turns around. A white truck leads the procession of police cars while the helicopter hovers over them. People shout as they pass by them. The procession arrives at an airport and goes on the runway area. Police cars surround the limousine. Sonny asks what they are doing, and Murphy says they are making arrangements. Sonny sees a jet and asks if that is it. The large jet taxis forward and then turns around. Sonny says he forgot to ask if they are going to have any food on board. Sheldon comes to the window and says they get one more for the jet. Sylvia chooses Maria (Amy Levitt), and she gets out and says she will pray for them. She tells Sal not to be scared on his first plane trip. Sonny asks Sheldon if there will be food on board, and he says there will be hamburgers. Sonny asks Sal if he is ready. The driver tells Sal to keep his gun pointed up, and Sal cocks it. The glove compartment is opened, revealing a gun. Sheldon says he is ready. Murphy and Sheldon work together, and Murphy quickly shoots Sal in the forehead and holds a gun to Sonny’s head. Sonny says not to shoot him. The hostages get out as police run to surround them. Sonny gets out of the car as the agent holds the gun on him. They make him lean on the car and handcuff him and read him his rights. An announcer tells agent Sheldon to remain on the apron until the hostages are inside the terminal. Then Sheldon leads the other agents who have Sonny under arrest.
      This drama depicts actual events, though the names were changed. The two men were desperate and confused. The man in charge was neither homicidal nor suicidal and managed to keep from hurting anyone badly; but the other criminal was both homicidal and suicidal and thus was considered the greater danger by law enforcement. The crowds also reflect people’s interest in these kind of events for their entertainment value which is why many people enjoy this kind of movie in the safety of a theater or home. The relationship of Sonny and Leon reflects changes in attitudes about homosexuality and changing gender by surgery.

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