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Pat and Mike

(1952 b 95')

En: 6 Ed: 6

An athletic woman turns pro for a sports manager. She plays well except when her fiancé is there. Her honesty affects her manager, and they learn to cooperate with each other.

         Basketball coach Pat Pemberton (Katharine Hepburn) is engaged to Collier Weld (William Ching), and they play golf with his business contacts. Pat gets angry, and they quarrel. Charles Barry (Jim Backus) suggests she enter the Women’s National golf tournament. Mike Conovan (Spencer Tracy) and Barney Grau (Sammy White) sneak into Pat’s room, and Mike offers her money to lose; but she says no. Pat plays well and is in the semi-finals. Then Pat sees Collier, gets nervous, and loses to Babe Didrikson (herself). Mike offers to handle Pat.

         Pat gets on a train with Collier. She asks for time and gets off the train. Mike learns this his boxer Davie Hucko (Aldo Ray) weighs 198, and he orders him to lose two pounds. Pat comes to Mike. She agrees to turn pro and says she can play tennis, shoot, play ice hockey, basketball, and baseball. She shows him her ability in tennis and shooting. He controls her diet and won’t let her smoke.

         Pat plays mixed doubles tennis. In her home town Pat kisses Mike for luck and plays singles. She is winning but then sees Collier arrive and plays badly. In the locker-room Mike revives her with smelling salts. Collier comes in, and Mike blames him. Pat tells them both to go away.

         While Pat is running, Mike rides a bike. She says she never plays well when Collier is there. Mike makes Hucko and Pat go to bed at nine. Pat tells Mike about her strict manager.

         Hucko tells Barney that he needs to talk to Mike. While Mike works on Pat, she gets a call from Collier and tells him not to come. Hucko is jealous of Pat and wants Mike to go to the weigh-in with him, but Mike says no. Pat advises Hucko to be his own man and conquer himself.

         Three investors drink milk with Mike and Pat and want her to lose. Mike says they can make money honestly, and the three leave. While Mike and Pat are eating dinner, two investors pressure Mike; but Pat stops them before they hit him. A police captain asks them what happened, and they show him. He holds the two investors in custody. Mike checks on Pat in bed, and Collier gets jealous and leaves. Mike tells Pat that they are a long-shot.

         During a golf tournament Pat sees Collier and sinks a long put. Mike admits that she owns him.

          This comedy shows professional women’s sports and a top competitor who knows that the only person she needs to defeat is herself. Her integrity rubs off on her manager who decides that with a real winner he can be honest.

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