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Summer Stock

(1950 c 108')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A woman with a farm lets her sister and a theater company use her barn to put on a musical show.

         Jane Falbury (Judy Garland) sings “If You Feel Like Singing, Sing” while she gets dressed. She loses two employees she has not paid and tells Orville Wingait (Eddie Bracken) that she needs a tractor. His father Jasper Wingait (Ray Collins) wants her to marry Orville. She says not yet but gets the tractor. Jane sings “Hello Neighbor” and finds a theater company moving into her barn. Her sister Abigail Falbury (Gloria DeHaven) is in the show that Joe Ross (Gene Kelly) is putting on. Jane sees Joe kiss Abigail. Jane tells Joe they have to leave. Esme (Marjorie Main) cooks dinner for them. Abigail calls Jane selfish, and she changes her mind. Jane says they have to do farm work. Joe sings “Dig-Dig-Dig for Your Dinner” with Herb Blake (Phil Silvers).

         Esme wakes them up early, and Jane shows them how to do the chores. Jane asks Joe his intentions toward Abigail; he says if the show is a hit, he can marry her. Orville has allergies and tells Joe that he is engaged to Jane. Harrison Keath (Hans Conried) rehearses with Abigail. Herb drives the tractor out of control and crashes.

         Jasper hosts a dance in the barn as the actors watch. Joe starts dancing with Jane, and musicians make the band swing. Jasper tells Jane to make them clear out. Joe tells her the tractor is damaged.

         Jane takes breakfast to Abigail and tells her to work. Jane sees that they bought a new tractor, and she quarrels with Orville. Abigail gives Orville advice. In the evening Joe sings “You, Wonderful You” to Jane, and they dance. He kisses her, and she runs off. Jasper and Orville ask Jane to set a date, and she promises to marry him after the actors leave. Alone Jane sings “Friendly Star.” Joe hears her and tells her not to worry about what happened.

         In his car Orville talks with Jane about Abigail and Joe. Abigail refuses to rehearse again, and Joe scolds her. Harrison consoles Abigail. Jane reprimands Joe, who says it is his work. Alone Joe tap dances with a newspaper. Abigail quarrels with Joe.

         Jane shows Joe a letter from Abigail, who ran off with Harrison. Joe asks Jane to do her part, and he rehearses her. Orville sees her and objects. Jane tells him to go home. Orville tells his father to shut up. Esme tells Jane that Orville is stopping the show. Jane looks for him and warns Jasper.

         On opening night Joe tells Jane he wants to know all about her. The cast sings “It’s All for You.” Joe and Jane sing “You, Wonderful You.” Herb and Joe as two hicks sing “That’s Heavenly Music to Me” with dogs barking. Jane sings “Get Happy.” Orville is driving with Abigail but forgot to send the wire to delay the show. They arrive and argue with Jane, who is kissed by Joe. Abigail takes care of Orville.

         This musical contrasts the lifestyles of show business and farming while romance in its fickle way brings together compatible couples.

Copyright © 2007 by Sanderson Beck

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