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The Farmer's Daughter

(1947 b 97')

En: 6 Ed: 7

Based on a play by Hella Wuolijoki, a Swedish-American works as a servant in the home of a Congressman and then runs for Congress herself.

Katrin Holstrom (Loretta Young) says goodbye to her family to attend nursing school. She gets a ride with painter Adolph Petree (Rhys Williams), who drinks and wrecks his car. Katrin pays for it and is left behind. At the capital city Adolph refuses to pay her and threatens her with blackmail.

Katrin gets a job as a waitress working with butler Joseph Clancy (Charles Bickford). Glenn Morley (Joseph Cotton) is re-elected to Congress. He and his mother Agatha Morley (Ethel Barrymore) hire Katrin. She tells Glenn that Wilbur Johnson (Thurston Hall) opposes raising the minimum wage, but she supports a living wage. A doctor (Harry Davenport) prescribes for Agatha. Katrin tells Glenn that she wants to study nursing. Glenn goes skating with Katie and persuades her to stay. Glenn falls through thin ice, and Katrin gives him a massage. Virginia Thatcher (Rose Hobart) comes in and is jealous. Glenn leaves for Europe.

Katrin takes night classes. Joseph hands her a speech by the late senator Morley to read aloud. Party men tell Agatha that Johnson died. Katrin faints, and Glenn arrives. The men decide to run Anders Finley (Art Baker), but Katrin shakes her head. Agatha suggests that Katrin run for Congress. Katrin leaves Glenn to campaign. Glenn meets her three brothers, who eject her elocution teacher. Glenn advises Katrin to be herself and speak naturally. Katrin practices her speech. She closes the gap in the polls.

Adolph goes to Finley's campaign and says Katrin is a tramp, but they reject his request for $200. They tell Glenn there is evidence for Adolph's charge. Virginia calls a newspaper, and Glenn threatens to quit the party. The story appears. Glenn learns that Katrin went home and goes after her. He finds her feeding chickens and kisses her. Glenn asks her to go to Washington with him. She says he has to ask her father (Harry Shannon), who urges her not to quit the race.

Glenn calls Agatha about the marriage. Agatha gets Finley drunk, and he admits giving Adolph $500 and hiding him. Agatha learns that Finley has a racist organization, and Joseph makes him leave. Glenn and Katrin go to Adolph with her brothers, who grab Adolph. A fight breaks out, and Katrin knocks out Adolph. He admits on radio that he lied for money. Katrin speaks, and Agatha's party backs her. Katrin wins the election and goes to Congress with Glenn.

This political drama suggests that an intelligent and caring woman can become a much better politician than the traditional men.

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