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To Each His Own

(1946 b 122')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A woman has a son by a pilot and lets him be adopted by a married couple. During the second World War she meets her son again and helps him.

During a blackout Josephine Norris (Olivia de Havilland) on fire duty quarrels with Lord Desham (Roland Culver) and rescues him after he falls. He says he saw his life was empty, and he asks about her. Desham invites her to dine on New Year's Day. An officer tells Miss Norris that Gregory Piersen is coming to London that night. Miss Norris waits for the late train and recalls the past.

Young Jodie Norris works in a drugstore. The soldier Alex Piersen (Phillip Terry) asks Jodie to marry, but she says no. Mac Tilton (Bill Goodwin) and Jodie see a plane flying. The pilot Bart Cosgrove (John Lund) is brought to the drugstore for an eye treatment and needs to sleep. Jodie wakes him up for the bond rally. Alex and Corrine (Mary Anderson) tell Jodie they are getting married. Cosgrove dances with Jodie and sings. He takes her flying and pretends to run out of gas. They fall in love, but Jodie gives up her illegitimate baby to Corrine. Jodie tells Corrine the baby is hers, but Corrine adopted him. Corrine and Alex tell her that Alex loves Jodie.

Jodie finds Mac in New York, and he wants to marry her. Mac is arrested for bootlegging. Jodie tells him that they can make cold cream, and he can sell it. Jodie advertises on radio and starts a plant in England. Jodie sees her son at a rodeo. Alex tells Jodie that he needs money to convert his business. Jodie visits Corrine, who has two more children, and asks for her son Gregory (Bill Ward) and will pay their debts. Corrine says Gregory is not for sale. Jodie starts to cancel the loan, and Corrine agrees.

Mac comes to Jodie to see Gregory, who tells Aunt Jodie that he misses his dog and his mother. A woman tells Jodie how she resented being raised by her grandmother. Mac tells Jodie to inform Gregory, who says Corrine loves him more because he is adopted, and he runs out. Jodie tells Mac that she is not really Gregory's mother. She gives him back and goes to London.

Miss Norris sees Gregory Piersen (John Lund) get off the train and offers him a place to stay, but he is welcomed by Liz Lorimer (Virginia Welles). He agrees to stay in the extra room. Miss Norris gets a flower from Desham. Gregory stops by and asks Miss Norris to let Liz use her ticket to the play. He says they are trying to get married but were delayed by the banns. He sees a photo album and remembers Aunt Jodie. Desham runs into Gregory, and Miss Norris says he is her son. She wants him to get married. Desham takes Miss Norris to dinner so she can see Gregory and Liz. Desham got his leave extended and the banns waived by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The wedding takes place. In the final scene Gregory realizes that Miss Norris is his mother and dances with her.

This maudlin drama explores the loneliness of a woman who is successful in business but has only one relative she rarely sees. The world wars made for some quick marriages and many widows.

Copyright © 2006 by Sanderson Beck

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