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A Night in Casablanca

(1946 b 85')

En: 6 Ed: 5

The Marx brothers cause mayhem in a hotel but manage to uncover a Nazi trying to steal away treasures.

Another Casablanca Hotel manager dies of poison. Lt. Pierre Delmar (Charles Drake) says he flew a plane-load of treasures for the Nazis but took them to Casablanca. In the hotel Count Pfferman (Sig Ruman) berates his servant Rusty (Harpo Marx), who vacuums off his toupee. Corbaccio (Chico Marx) picks up the new manager Ronald Kornblow (Groucho Marx) at the station. Police prefect Brizzard (Dan Seymour) and Governor Galoux (Lewis Russell) welcome Kornblow, who has absurd ideas. Pfferman has Rusty fight a duel with Kurt. Beatrice Rheiner (Lisette Verea) and Kornblow smoke, and Kornblow says he stops at nothing. He gives her the toupee from the lost-and-found. She sings with the guests. Pfferman tells her to get rid of Kornblow in a car accident. Pierre needs money to pay an informer. Corbaccio and Rusty take bribes and set up tables. Kornblow dances with Beatrice, but tables crowd them. Corbaccio plays the "Beer Barrel Polka" on piano.

Kornblow returns from traffic attacks. Rusty overhears Pfferman say he will bump off Kornblow in his room, and he mimes the message to Corbaccio. Pfferman tells Kornblow he is flying to Tunis. Corbaccio offers to be Kornblow's bodyguard, and Rusty tests his food. Kornblow refuses to give a room to a couple without a marriage license. Beatrice calls Kornblow and invites him to her room. He gets in the elevator with Rusty, and they get stuck. Rusty climbs out and finds a room with treasures, and he plays the harp. Rusty uses an ax on the elevator. Corbaccio warns Kornblow about Beatrice. Kornblow tries to romance her, and they go to his room and then back to her room while Pfferman follows with a gun. Rusty and Corbaccio gamble and win on 5 three times, breaking the bank. Pfferman tells Galoux that Kornblow is an impostor and is made manager.

Kornblow, Rusty, Corbaccio, and Annette are in jail. Rusty has a Rembrandt painting. They escape and hide in Pfferman's room, disrupting his packing. The four end up in trunks on a truck but fall off the back on a road in the desert. Pierre picks them up in a car, and they try to stop the plane of Pfferman from taking off. Using a truck, they get on the plane and throw off others. Rusty knocks out the pilot and tries to fly the plane, taking off but crashing. They fight Pfferman, who is arrested. Pierre kisses Annette, and Beatrice runs from Kornblow, Rusty, and Corbaccio.

Taking off as a satire of the film Casablanca, the Marx brothers provide their absurd humor while exposing the Nazi's theft of cultural artifacts.

Copyright © 2006 by Sanderson Beck

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