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Night and Day

(1946 c 128')

En: 6 Ed: 5

This story of Cole Porter is more fiction than fact, but it contains many of his great songs.

Professor Monte Wooley (himself) introduces Cole Porter (Cary Grant) and his new fight song for Yale. Cole goes home for Christmas with Woolley and tells his grandfather (Henry Stephenson) that he is quitting law school to write songs. Cole meets Nancy's roommate Linda (Alexis Smith). Cole sings "An Old-Fashioned Garden" with his mother. Woolley and Cole get investments in Cole's musical. Gracie Harris (Jane Wyman) sings "Let's Do It" during auditions. Woolley and Cole open their show with Gracie singing "You Do Something to Me." People whisper and leave because of news that the Lusitania was sunk. Cole talks with Linda and kisses her.

Cole joins the French army and is wounded. Linda is a nurse and hugs him. She finds his morale is low and gets a piano he can use. Cole composes "Night and Day," and Linda suggests a villa on the Riviera. Linda asks Gabrielle (Eve Arden) to sing "I'm Unlucky at Gambling," but it is not popular. Cole tells Linda he must do it alone and says goodbye. For producers Woolley sings Cole's "Miss Otis Regrets She Is Unable to Lunch Today." They reject the song but hire Woolley to be in a play.

In a store Carole Hill (Ginny Simms) sings Cole's songs and throws herself at him. Carole sings "What Is This Thing Called Love?" People like it, and Woolley and Cole raise money again. Carole sings "I've Got You Under My Skin" on stage. The New Yorkers runs two years, and Paris is a hit too. Cole asks Woolley to go to London, but he is going to Hollywood. In London, Cole sees Linda in a park with children. The Gay Divorcée is presented. Cole and Linda are married and return to New York.

Carole sings "Just One of Those Things." Linda learns that Cole has a new show, Anything Goes. At their home Cole rehearses "You're the Top" with Carole. Cole promises Linda a trip to Europe, and Woolley arrives for a visit. Carole sings "I Get a Kick Out of You." At the opening party Linda learns that Cole is sailing with his producer and tells Cole that she feels neglected. Woolley tells Cole that Linda left him. Mary Martin sings "My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

Cole's mother calls, and he goes home to see his ailing grandfather, who dies. In the rain Cole has a horse accident. Cole asks Woolley not to tell Linda. Cole has many surgeries and is in a wheelchair. Hollywood does "Begin the Beguine." Woolley introduces Cole at Yale, and Linda comes in. Cole plays piano as the Yale choir sings "Night and Day." Cole and Linda meet alone outside and embrace.

The main alteration from fact is that Cole Porter was actually gay, and his marriage was for social convenience. He told stories of being a war hero but was never in the military. Monte Woolley was his classmate at Yale, and he did break both legs in a horse accident. Thus the changes indicate the shadows they dared not explore at the time.

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