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Janie Gets Married

(1946 b 89')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Janie marries the soldier she loves and becomes jealous of his old army buddy WAC who comes for a visit. He tries to prove his worth working at a newspaper for his father-in-law but quits in disgust.

When Dick Lawrence (Robert Hutton) returns from the war, Janie Conway (Joan Leslie) is ready for marriage. Charles Conway (Edward Arnold) tells his wife Lucille (Ann Harding) that he is selling his newspaper so that they can have a second honeymoon and travel. Lt. Scooper Nolan (Dick Erdman) returns from the war and is surprised to learn that his girlfriend Janie's wedding is that day.

Thelma Van Brunt (Barbara Brown) asks her second husband John Van Brunt (Robert Benchley) to give her son advice about women. While Dick is shaving, John warns him about women's quirks and the pitfalls of marriage. Dick goes to see Janie and expresses his new doubts. She reveals a typed agreement that gives them a contract they can renew monthly.

A month later little Elsbeth Conway (Clare Foley) blackmails Joan to keep the secret that Dick has been given a job at the newspaper. The maid Mrs. Angles (Margaret Hamilton) has over-starched Dick's shirts. Both in-laws have supplied Janie with different color drapes.
The WAC Sergeant Spud Lee (Dorothy Malone) comes for a visit, and the Conways see Dick kissing her in the newspaper office. Janie goes with Scooper to the Coral Club to meet Dick and his old army buddy, and she sees Dick dancing with her. Dick suggests they let Spud stay with them and spends most of his time with her.

John advises Janie that the way his wife kept him in line was by being with a third person. Janie calls up Scooper, and they try to find Dick and Spud. Harley Stowers (Donald Meek) is snooping around the newspaper office he intends to buy, and he sees Janie and Scooper kissing. Dick tries to talk to Charles about his story on GIs returning to civilian life and realizes that he is being given a raise without having proven himself. So he quits and throws his article in the waste basket.

Charles has Janie invite both families and Stowers to a dinner party. He arrives early and thinks that Scooper is Janie's husband. Dick arrives tipsy with Spud and other veterans who are singing. Mrs. Angles quits, and Lucille and Thelma discover their drapes on the floor in the dining room. Stowers sees another soldier in pajamas staying there and decides to leave; but Elsbeth brings him back after Spud gets the other veterans to leave. Stowers tells Charles he found a great article on veterans in the waste basket and wants to make it a regular feature in his paper. Dick has earned himself a job. Spud explains that he was a platoon sergeant with much responsibility and does not necessarily need extra help. As they go into dinner, Elsbeth tells Janie that she got Stowers to come back by telling him they were going to have a baby.

This frantic comedy reflects the nervous adjustments accompanying the returning soldiers while Janie is learning how to be a wife with sometimes too helpful in-laws.

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