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Anchors Aweigh

(1945 c 139')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two sailors on leave fall in love with a singer and a waitress but do not realize whom the other loves.

Joseph Brady (Gene Kelly) has saved the life of Clarence Doolittle (Frank Sinatra), and both are given medals and leave. To other sailors they sing "We Hate to Leave." Joe calls Lola and is eager to see her, but on the street they meet the boy Donald Martin (Dean Stockwell). He wants to join the navy, and a policeman (Rags Ragland) takes them to the station and then to the boy's home, where they meet his aunt Susan Abbott (Kathryn Grayson). They promise to visit him again. Joe and Clarence stay in a hotel room with sailors and sing "I Begged Her" and dance.

The next day they take toys to Donald, and Susan agrees to go out with Clarence. When Bertram Kraler (Grady Sutton) arrives for a date, they imply many sailors know Susan by singing "If You Knew Susie." Bertram is discouraged and leaves. Susan is upset because she had hoped to meet Jose Iturbi. Joe tells her that Clarence knows Iturbi and got her an audition on Saturday. The three go out to a restaurant, where Susan sings. Joe dances with Susan while Clarence sings "What Makes the Sun Set?" and meets a waitress (Pamela Britton), who is also from Brooklyn. At home Susan looks in on Donald and sings "All of a Sudden My Heart Sings."

Clarence can't get into the studio to see Iturbi, who is rehearsing a piano concerto. Joe goes to Donald's school and tells his class a story about a mouse king who made a law against singing and dancing, but Joe teaches him how to dance. Joe with Clarence lies to get into the studio and finds Susan at Iturbi's office; they have a coke and talk. Clarence talks to Iturbi while he is tuning a piano. Clarence goes to see the waitress and sings to her "The Charm of You." When Susan comes, the waitress spills soup on Clarence so that they can talk in the kitchen. Joe dances with a little girl.

Joe and Clarence go to the Hollywood Bowl during a rehearsal but are not able to talk with Iturbi. After the others leave, Clarence plays the piano and sings "I Fall in Love Too Easily." Clarence goes to the waitress and tells her he loves her. Joe talks with Susan and imagines she is a princess and he is a bandit chief who comes to see her. They kiss. At a bar Joe drinks, and Clarence tells him that he loves the waitress. Joe has not told Susan about the lie, and he admits he loves Susan.

Susan meets Iturbi at the studio, and she realizes that her friends lied; but he gives her an audition. Iturbi goes to the ship to find Joe and Clarence and takes them to his concert, where they embrace Susan and the waitress.

The improbable plot of this musical reflects the desire of sailors to have female companionship and for many to enjoy entertainment, though few gain success in that field.

Copyright © 2005 by Sanderson Beck

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