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Cover Girl

(1944 c 107')

En: 6 Ed: 5

An entertainer in a Brooklyn nightclub is made a magazine cover girl, gets much attention, and leaves her friends to move on to Broadway.

Show-girls sing "The Show Must Go On" in Brooklyn, and Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly) calls an early rehearsal. Maureen (Leslie Brooks) and Rusty Parker (Rita Hayworth) apply to be a cover girl at Vanity. Maureen gives Rusty bad advice, and Cornelia Jackson (Eve Arden) rejects her. Genius (Phil Silvers) sings with the girls, and John Coudair (Otto Kruger) notices Rusty, who reminds him of a woman (Rita Hayworth) he saw forty years before singing "Sure Thing." At Joe's, Danny, Rusty, and Genius order oysters and sing "Make Way for Tomorrow." Rusty gets a telegram from Coudair, and she lets Genius rip it up. Coudair hires her and has her made glamorous. Danny sees her on the cover of Vanity, and publicity brings people to his show. Danny sings "Put Me to the Test" and dances with Rusty. Noel Wheaton (Lee Bowman) goes backstage and tries to hire Rusty for Broadway. Rusty and Danny sing "Long Ago and Far Away." Rusty gets attention from many people and roses from Noel. She tells Danny she has to miss a show to go to Coudair's anniversary party. Danny is invited by Coudair and finds him alone. Rusty is out with Noel. Coudair tells Danny about Rusty's grandmother, who sings "Poor John." Noel shows Rusty a large theater while Danny and Genius miss her at Joe's. Danny talks to himself and dances with his alter ego.

Rusty finds Maureen singing her song at a rehearsal. Danny quarrels with Rusty and suggests she leave, which she does. Magazine cover girls are presented in the big theater, and Rusty dances. In a car Noel asks Rusty to marry him, but she delays her answer and goes to Brooklyn. She learns that Danny's place is closed and gets drunk at Joe's. Noel and Coudair find her, and she says she is marrying Noel. On the road Danny and Genius entertain troops. Danny and Genius go to Joe's for oysters, and Joe (Edward Brophy) says it is Rusty's wedding night. Danny finds a pearl, and Genius takes it to Coudair. Cornelia says that Rusty has lost weight and drinks often. During the wedding march Coudair gives Rusty the pearl and says her grandmother ran away from his wedding. Rusty says no to Noel and runs out. She finds Danny at Joe's, and they sing with Genius.

This romantic musical reflects the growing glamour of the media that makes celebrities and stars, though in this story friendship and love still manage to triumph.

Copyright © 2005 by Sanderson Beck

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