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The Talk of the Town

(1942 b 116')

En: 7 Ed: 7

A woman hides her friend, who escaped his arson-murder trial, and both get to know a distinguished legal scholar, who is transformed.

Andrew Holmes (Charles Dingle) suspects the fire of his mill was set, and Leopold Dilg (Cary Grant) is indicted for murder. Dilg strangles a guard and escapes in the rain. Leopold enters the house of Nora Shelley (Jean Arthur) and faints. She revives him, but his ankle is sprained. Leopold hides as Michael Lightcap (Ronald Coleman) arrives to occupy the house Nora is preparing and goes to bed. Nora tells Leopold to go back, but he stays. Nora asks Michael if she can stay and borrows pajamas.

In the morning Nora's mother arrives, and a reporter comes in. Leopold's lawyer Sam Yates (Edgar Buchanan) asks Nora why she called, but she denies she did. Sam says that Leopold is honest and asks Michael to help him. Nora won't let police search and tells Sam that Leopold is there. Nora asks to be Michael's cook and stenographer. Michael dictates as Leopold sneaks down for food. Leopold says that law is a gun, and Nora says he is the gardener. Senator Boyd calls on Michael about a supreme court appointment. Leopold says that Michael is cold and needs to be thawed. Michael goes to a baseball game with Nora and meets Leopold's corrupt judge Grunstadt (George Watts). Michael plays chess with Leopold and says Grunstadt is an idiot. Nora tells Sam that Michael likes Leopold. Dogs trace Leopold to the house and chase Michael, who wears the slippers Leopold had on.

Nora takes Michael to the burned mill, and he meets the prosecutor. Sam gets in a fight. Pulaski (Leonid Kinskey) tells police that Michael ordered borscht only Leopold orders. Michael asks Nora to consider a permanent job with him. Michael sees a news photo of Leopold, who stops him from calling the police. Police enter, and Michael's man finds Michael unconscious. Leopold hides. Michael reprimands Nora, who says Leopold is innocent. She and Michael are questioned. Michael goes to Sam and asks about evidence. Michael shaves off his beard and asks the widow Regina Bush (Glenda Farrell) to go dancing. Michael flatters her and learns her husband is in Boston. Nora finds Leopold, who says that Michael is in love with her.

Leopold lets Michael take him back to jail, but they go in Nora's car and pick up a cop, who implies Leopold may be lynched. Michael takes Leopold to Boston by knocking him out. At the post office Michael and Leopold capture Clyde Bracken. Leopold takes them home to protect Michael. Bracken escapes, and Leopold is captured. A mob gathers. Michael takes a gun and goes after Regina. As the mob breaks into the courtroom, Michael brings in Bracken and tells people not to destroy the law. Leopold is freed, and Michael becomes a supreme court justice. Michael kisses Nora and goes into the court. Leopold kisses Nora goodbye; but she kisses him back, and he comes back for her.

The conflict of the heart and its practical action with the mind and its principles is reversed when the two men become friends and compensate to help each other. Nora loves and is loved by both but chooses the heart.

Copyright © 2004 by Sanderson Beck

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