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Somewhere I'll Find You

(1942 b 108')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two brothers are war correspondents and compete for the same beautiful reporter.

In October 1941 editor George Stafford (Charles Dingle) asks brothers Jonny Davis (Clark Gable) and Kirk Davis (Robert Sterling) why they were kicked out of Germany. Jonny gets Stafford to read aloud his story that Japan will attack the U. S. and records it for composition. A masseur (Rags Ragland) helps Jonny restrain Stafford, and they throw his clothes out the window. Jonny finds Paula Lane (Lana Turner) in his old room and kisses her; but Kirk tells Jonny that he is quitting to marry Paula. Jonny and Paula go out, and he says she is the one. Paula goes home and learns that Stafford assigned her to Indochina. Kirk gives Paula a ring; but she says she is in love with Jonny. In their room Jonny tells Kirk that Paula is a tramp and then takes her to a private dining room. Jonny tells her to go to Asia.

A month later Stafford tells Jonny and Kirk that Paula is missing, and he sends them to Hanoi. They see Japanese troops and go to alcoholic Floyd Kirsten (Miles Mander), who says that Japan will invade Thailand. Thomas Chang (Keye Luke) says that Paula is at the frontier and takes them. Paula is helping Chinese children get to French territory. She collapses, and Jonny carries her. Jonny tells Kirk to write the Thailand story for Kirsten and washes Paula. Kirk sees Jonny kissing Paula. Jonny says goodbye to Kirk and says he belongs with Paula on the bounce. Kirk tells Paula that Jonny is gone and consoles her.

In a Manila bar Crystal (Patricia Dane) suspects that Jonny is carrying a torch and goes to his room, where Paula finds them. Jonny is asleep; Crystal says she struck out and leaves. Paula wakes Jonny and asks him to shower and take her out. Paula got the room next door to Jonny and invites him on the balcony and kisses him. Then she says Kirk is better and goodbye. At night Kirk wakes Paula to tell her that Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Jonny comes in and tells Kirk and Paula they are going to Australia for Stafford. Jonny stays and reports on the invasion of the Philippines. Jonny learns a hospital was bombed and joins three men going to an ambush, where he finds Kirk is a soldier. Kirk says that Paula joined the Red Cross and learns her hospital was bombed. They attack a Japanese landing party. Jonny writes the story describing the battle and how Kirk was killed. Paula arrives and hears the news. She cries in Jonny's arms. Jonny speaks and she types that Bataan must be evacuated, but it was a moral victory.

Gable's mood after the sudden death of his wife Carole Lombard matches American feelings after Pearl Harbor reflected in this romantic and patriotic drama.

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