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(1942 b 108')

En: 6 Ed: 5

An aircraft worker is accused of sabotage and tries to find the culprit, and he gets some help from a pretty model.

At an aircraft plant Frank Fry (Norman Lloyd) drops $100, and Barry Kane (Robert Cummings) returns it to him. After a fire Barry is questioned, and he consoles the mother of his friend who died. Two detectives tell her that Barry is in trouble for handing his friend a fire extinguisher with gas in it. She warns Barry, who suspects Fry. Barry flees and hopes to find Fry.

Barry gets a ride in a truck and goes to a ranch, asking for Fry. Charles Tobin (Otto Kruger) denies he knows Fry but says he knows that police want Barry. The maid Adele holds a gun; Barry tries to escape but is caught. In handcuffs Barry jumps off a bridge, and the truck-driver helps him get away. In the rain Barry goes to the home of blind Phillip Martin (Vaughan Glaser). His niece Patricia Martin (Priscilla Lane) comes in and sees Barry's handcuffs. Phillip sends her with Barry to get them removed. In the car she tells Barry she is turning him in; but he takes over the car and uses the fan to break the chain. Police find the car overheated in the desert. Barry and Patricia are hidden by a traveling circus, and she tells Barry that she believes him. They go to Soda City to find Fry, but no one is there. A phone rings. They set up a telescope and see a dam. As Patricia hides, Neilson (Clem Bevans) and Freeman (Alan Baxter) arrive. Barry says that Tobin sent him.

Freeman takes Barry to New York. Hostess Henrietta Sutton (Alma Kruger) complains that she can't hide Barry. Patricia is there. Tobin comes in and says that Barry is not one of them. Barry and Patricia join the party, and Barry fails to persuade anyone that saboteurs are there. Barry dances with Patricia and kisses her. He starts to make an announcement but is shown a gun. Barry gets Henrietta to donate jewelry to the war cause and goes out to talk with Tobin, who says he wants power and has the butler Robert (Ian Wolfe) knock out Barry. Freeman instructs men when to blow up the ship. Captured Barry sets off the fire alarm and escapes, going to the Navy yard. Hostage Patricia makes a sign and throws it out the window. Barry warns an MP and sees Fry but fails to keep him from pressing the button that causes an explosion. Barry is arrested, but Fry escapes to Radio Music Hall and shoots a movie-goer. Barry tells Patricia to follow Fry. They get on a ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Patricia calls the FBI, which sends a man with Barry. Patricia talks to Fry to delay him. Barry finds Patricia and climbs a ladder to the torch. Fry is about to fall and tells Barry he will clear him; but his sleeve rips, and he falls to his death. Barry climbs back up to Patricia.

Ironically the sabotaged ship shown was caused by the Mafia wanting to be paid for protection from enemy saboteurs. In this year there seems to have been more movies about Nazi saboteurs in America than there were actual cases of sabotage, as Hollywood tried to provide entertaining propaganda.

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