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Road to Morocco

(1942 b 82')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A shipwrecked bum sells his friend into slavery and discovers the slave is going to marry a beautiful princess.

A ship explodes, and stow-aways Orville (Bob Hope) and Jeff (Bing Crosby) survive on a raft. On shore they find a camel and sing "Road to Morocco." Jeff tells Orville to act like an idiot to get food. They eat at a restaurant, and Jeff sells Orville as a slave. The ghost of Aunt Lucy (Bob Hope) tells Jeff to rescue Orville. Jeff sings "Ho Hum," finds a note, and climbs over a wall. Jeff hears Princess Shalmar (Dorothy Lamour) sing "Constantly" and sees her laying next to Orville, who denies he knows Jeff. Orville tells Jeff they are getting married. Women serve Orville, and Mihirmah (Dona Drake) says she loves him. Jeff dismisses the women, and Orville has Jeff removed. Jeff sings "Moonlight Becomes You," and Shalmar hears him. Mihirmah wakes Orville and says that Shalmar is embracing Jeff, who tells Shalmar that Orville sold him.

Mullay Kassim (Anthony Quinn) learns that Shalmar is marrying. The astrologer says that Shalmar's first husband will die after a week. Shalmar tells Orville that they must live separately for a week. Royal funeral workers measure Orville, and Mihirmah tells him who they are. Orville tells Jeff that he is giving him Shalmar. Ghost Aunt Lucy insists that Orville warn Jeff. Shalmar says that Orville must marry her. The astrologer tells her that she must marry Kassim; then Shalmar tells Jeff that she loves him. Kassim is warned and comes to take Shalmar. A brawl starts, and Jeff and Orville hide in pillars; but Orville gets a fly on his nose, and Kassim finds them.

In Kassim's caravan Jeff and Orville in nets fall from a camel and in the desert see a mirage: Shalmar sings "Moonlight Becomes You" with them. They see Kassim's guerrillas and sneak into his tent. Kassim jails them for execution after his wedding. Mihirmah gives them a ring with three wishes and poison, but Orville wastes the wishes. They escape. Kassim and his enemy drink to his bride; but Orville and Jeff made the cup leak. They start fires on sandals and robes, enabling Orville and Jeff to escape with Shalmar and Mihirmah. On a boat the four plan to marry. Orville causes an explosion, and they end up on a raft near New York.

This farce uses Arabic culture as a setting for its comedy and suggests that Eastern sex manuals have good tips for pleasure as innuendos abound.

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