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Journey for Margaret

(1942 b 81')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Adapted from a true story, the wife of a reporter in London is injured, and he helps two children and decides to adopt them.

In London after France fell, Herbert Allison (Nigel Bruce) greets John Davis (Robert Young) and pregnant Nora Davis (Laraine Day) at the train. John suggests that Nora go back to America, but she stays. He recalls his wrong predictions in his newspaper columns and finds his story has been censored. During air raids John and Nora sleep in a corridor. She says he has changed, and he says the world is falling apart. During a blitz John helps a boy and takes his lamb doll. John learns that Nora was injured and cannot have children. She realizes it too herself.

John and Nora are tipsy, and Herbert tells Nora not to leave John; but she takes a plane. John visits a children's home run by Trudy Strauss (Fay Bainter). John returns the lamb doll to Peter (William Severn). Margaret (Margaret O'Brien) is brought in by her callous foster mother and is allowed to cry. John bathes Peter and Margaret. During bombing John plays a record and comforts Margaret. Herbert says John is afraid to go back to Nora, as they see buildings burn. John finds a woman who thinks her dead child is asleep. John asks God to keep him mad. He visits Margaret and Peter. Trudy asks John to take them to their foster parents for lunch. Margaret clings to John. Mr. Barrie (Halliwell Hobbes) and Mrs. Barrie (Doris Lloyd) give them presents, but Margaret wants to go back.

John sends a cablegram to Nora about adopting them and gets a reply from her mother that Nora is ill. Nora's letter explains and says yes. Planes to Lisbon are filled, and John tries to take them as luggage. Since no other passenger will help, Trudy says they must choose one by her intelligence test. Margaret tells John it is a girl. John takes Peter to the Barries. John and Margaret say goodbye to Trudy. On the train Margaret is angry at John because of Peter. John assures her he won't leave her. At the airport Mrs. Bailey (Elisabeth Risdon) brings Peter as her luggage. John, Margaret, and Peter arrive by boat in New York. Nora hugs John and welcomes Peter and Margaret. They hear a siren and see New York lights go out. John says the world's lights must be turned out so that they can be turned back on again.

This sentimental war drama gives the children's view of the bombing and surely aroused great indignation against Germany's war crimes.

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