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I Married a Witch

(1942 b 76')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on Thorne Smith's unfinished novel, a witch and her father haunt a gubernatorial candidate before his wedding.

In old Salem Jonathan Wooley (Fredric March) accuses a witch and says his descendants were cursed by her. In the present Wallace Wooley (Fredric March) is running for governor and getting married to Estelle (Susan Hayward). Ghosts Jennifer (Veronica Lake) and her father Daniel (Cecil Kellaway) approach and identify Wallace as a descendant of Jonathan. During a storm they cause the Pilgrim Hotel to burn. Wallace hears Jennifer and rescues her from the burning building. Estelle is jealous. Wallace finds Jennifer in his house. She is friendly, but he carries her out and puts her in a cab with money. Wallace says goodnight to Dr. Dudley White (Robert Benchley) and sees Jennifer in his bed. By her spell Wallace talks to her until morning. Wallace has his housekeeper give her breakfast and orders her dresses. Estelle arrives, and Wallace makes her go out with him.

Jennifer talks to Daniel in the fire. Wallace comes back. She makes a potion to cause him to love her; but when she is hit by a painting, Wallace gives it to her to drink, causing her to kiss him. Daniel appears in a body and causes strong winds at Wallace's wedding to Estelle. Daniel gives Wallace his own pistol and tells him to shoot him. Daniel causes the gun to go off and is shot, telling Dudley that Wallace shot him. Dudley says that Daniel is dead. During the wedding Wallace collapses. Jennifer tells her father to come back into the body. He does so but falls out the window and is arrested as a drunk. Jennifer tells Wallace that she loves him; but he still plans to wed Estelle. However, Jennifer arranges for Estelle to see Wallace kissing her. Newspapers publish the scandal.

Wallace drives to a house, where they are married. Jennifer tells Wallace that she is a witch and that she will help him win the election. Wallace visits Daniel in jail. People change their minds, and Wallace gets all the votes. Jennifer tells Wallace that she lost her powers. To avoid a cop, Daniel drives the car into the sky and crashes into a tree. When Wallace kisses her, Jennifer wakes up and corks her father in a bottle. In the final scene Jennifer tells their daughter not to play with a broom.

This romantic comedy plays upon the soul's transcendence of the body, using karma and witchcraft for comic effect.

Copyright © 2004 by Sanderson Beck

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