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Shadow of the Thin Man

(1941 b 97')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Nick gets some help from Nora in solving a complicated murder mystery involving gamblers and a suspected reporter.

Nick Charles (William Powell) reads the racing form to his son. Nick and Nora Charles (Myrna Loy) get a speeding ticket and are escorted to the track, where Lt. Abrams (Sam Levene) says a jockey was murdered. A jockey blames gamblers. Abrams asks Nick to help. Reporter Paul Clark (Barry Nelson) and Major Jason Sculley (Henry O'Neill) come to Nick for help, but he says he is busy and takes Nora to wrestling. Whitey Barrow (Alan Baxter) demands money from Claire Porter (Stella Adler) and takes her bracelet. Whitey harasses secretary Molly (Donna Reed) and asks Link Stephens (Loring Smith) for $10,000. Molly kisses Paul, who takes the key to search the office; breaking into Link's desk he finds a record book. Whitey has a gun, and they fight. Whitey wins but is shot. Rainbow Benny (Lou Lubin) flees. Paul tells Lt. Abrams he was knocked out and came for Link's record book. Nick suggests a third party, and Nora notices a laundry list that Nick says lists bets in code. Lt. Abrams has Paul and Molly arrested.

At the track Nick finds a gun in the shower drain, and he tells Lt. Abrams how the jockey shot himself; but he tells the press Lt. Abrams found the murder weapon. Nora has McGuire talk to him and informs Nick that he lied about the alibi of Fred Macy (Joseph Anthony). Nick calls on Claire, who is angered by his questions. In Whitey's apartment Nick finds Claire's bracelet before she comes in. She says Whitey owed bookmaker Benny. Claire grabs it and runs out but discovers the bracelet is not in the box. Lt. Abrams and others find Benny hanging in his apartment and the partially burned record book. Nick says he was strangled, and his bullet-proof vest had been removed. They go to Link Stephens, and Claire and McGuire arrive. Nick summons Claire's chauffeur, who is suspected and pulls a knife. Nick says that White was blackmailing Claire and asks Link why he threatened Whitey, which Molly heard. Nick says the murderer is Major Sculley and explains that his syndicate was about to be exposed. Then he tried to frame Benny. Sculley grabs Nick's gun; but Nora attacks him, and others help restrain him. Nick's gun was not loaded, and Nick gives Nora a bracelet with a kiss.

This mystery with a light touch entertains and keeps the audience guessing until Nick puts it all together.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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