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Penny Serenade

(1941 b 119')

En: 6 Ed: 6

A couple adopts a child and learns how to be parents; but they are devastated when the child dies.

Julie (Irene Dunne) tells Applejack (Edgar Buchanan) she is leaving and remembers meeting Roger Adams (Cary Grant) in a record store. He walks home with her. They dance, and at the beach he kisses her. At a New Year's Eve party Julie tells Applejack she misses reporter Roger. He comes in and tells Julie he is assigned to Japan and asks her to marry. They wed, and she goes part way on the train. Julie joins Roger in Japan in a house he got for $1,000. Julie says she is getting her wish for a child and is relieved he is happy. Roger tells her he inherited $10,000, and they are going on a trip; but she is worried, and an earthquake destroys the house.

In a San Francisco hospital Julie learns she can't have children. Roger tells her he found a small newspaper to run; but she says she can't have what she always wanted. They find a home, and Applejack arrives to be press manager. Applejack suggests Julie adopt a kid and says Roger is for it. Roger goes along. Miss Oliver (Beulah Bondi) tells them there is a waiting list and an investigation of finances. Miss Oliver visits to see their apartment and tells them she has a girl of six weeks. Julie and Roger take her home and try to keep quiet. Roger gets the baby to stop crying. Roger shows the baby to Applejack and other workers. Julie is nervous, and Applejack bathes the baby, showing how to fold the diaper.

A year later Roger and Julie are playing with the child when Miss Oliver asks their income. Julie says they have none, because the paper failed. Roger takes little Trina to the judge. Miss Oliver and Roger plead for an exception. Roger comes home with their child. A few years later they celebrate Julie's birthday. In the school Christmas play Trina is the echo of an angel behind a cloud. Trina falls down and cries she did badly; but Roger reassures her. Miss Oliver gets a letter that Trina died of illness and that Julie and Roger are not talking to each other. On a rainy night they give a mother and her child a ride to the Christmas play. Roger says he is not going home and does not want to be reminded. Applejack helps Julie prepare to leave as Roger comes in. He says he is licked, and Julie says they are through. They regret the past few days. Miss Oliver calls and tells Julie she has a two-year-old boy for them. Julie and Roger make plans for him

This sentimental drama portrays the challenges of adopting a child.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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