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Love Crazy

(1941 b 99')

En: 7 Ed: 6

In this madcap comedy a wife becomes jealous and sues for divorce; but her husband really loves her and pretends to be insane in order to gain time.

Steve Ireland (William Powell) and Susan Ireland (Myrna Loy) celebrate four years of marriage happily until her mother (Florence Bates) arrives. Steve gets stuck in an elevator with old flame Isobel Grayson (Gail Patrick). His head gets caught, and she takes him to her apartment for a drink. Isobel is married and bored. Susan learns that Steve left his hat there. Her mother trips on the rug she brought and has to stay. Susan has to go on her errand. Steve sees Isobel from his balcony and finds a way to accept her invitation. Susan comes back, and her mother says Steve went to see Isobel. Susan calls Pinky Grayson (Donald MacBride) and suggests they make their spouses jealous; but she goes to the apartment of Ward Willoughby (Jack Carson) and kisses him. She learns he is not Grayson and slaps him. In the hall they meet Steve, Isobel, and Pinky, arguing jealously. At home Steve says Susan is not jealous; but she learns he did not go out in a taxi and cries.

Steve finds Susan with his lawyer George (Sidney Blackmer) wanting a divorce. Steve pleads with her. He hires a detective to find her. George calls him she is back. At a party Steve tells Susan he is miserable. She is too and asks him to admit he lied. When he does, she gets angry. Steve asks George to get a postponement, and George suggests insanity would be a delay. So Steve acts crazy, freeing hats. Susan testifies Steve is not crazy but does odd things. The judge delays the case thirty days so Steve can be examined. At the Lunacy Commission Steve sees Dr. Klugle (Vladimir Sokoloff) from the party, and he says Steve is insane and will be in his wife's custody. Susan puts Steve in a rest home, where Dr. Wuthering (Sig Ruman) turns Steve over to a kleptomaniac. Dr. Wuthering tells Susan that Steve is nutty. Steve steals a fish and kisses Susan; he gets attendants to detain Ward and escapes but is wanted for attempted homicide. Ward chases Steve, who hides in the shower from Pinky as Isobel helps him. Steve dresses as a woman and tells Ward he is Steve's sister. Steve goes to Susan and explains; she won't let police search. Steve slaps Ward, who figures out the disguise but is re-captured by the rest home. Susan puts Steve in the guest room. Her mother wants to stay, but Susan learns Steve's story is true. Ward calls Susan to no avail.

Powell and Loy characters have a way of making the audience believe they are intelligent even when they act eccentrically. This farce about a couple, who obviously has a good time, together provides entertainment while affirming that a married couple can stay in love.

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