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Louisiana Purchase

(1941 c 98')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Adapted from a musical comedy by Morrie Ryskind, politicians frame Jim for their graft, and he tries to blackmail the investigating senator.

A song gives a legal disclaimer that the crooks portrayed are fictional. Louisiana politicians Col. Davis (Raymond Wallburn), Davis (Frank Albertson), Captain Whitfield (Donald MacBride), and Dean Manning (Andrew Tombes) fear an investigation by Senator Loganberry and agree to blame everything on Jim Taylor (Bob Hope). They suggest he catch Oliver with a woman. Marina von Minden (Vera Zorina) tells Madame Bordelaise (Irene Bordoni) she wants a job in her restaurant. Republican Senator Oliver P. Loganberry (Victor Moore) arrives and asks to see Jim's books. Jim says they were burned, but Oliver got a copy. Jim asks him to forget it. Madame Bordelaise suggests that Jim hire Marina for $500. Jim takes Marina shopping for clothes, and the Shadow (Maxie Rosenbloom) follows them. Jim rehearses as the Senator with Marina and kisses her. Jim calls Oliver to meet him and gives cameras to the four politicians. Marina joins Oliver to explain for Jim. She asks Oliver to help her mother immigrate. Jim with a mustache waits on them and gives Oliver alcohol. Oliver cries, and Marina sings "Two Lonely Hearts." Jim tells Marina to get on Oliver's lap, and the politicians take pictures.

During Mardi Gras women sing "New Orleans." Marina throws $500 back to Jim. Davis says he is going to marry Emmy Lou (Phyllis Ruth). Marina kisses Oliver, who says he is a dark horse. Jim shows Oliver a photo and asks him to call off the investigation. Oliver agrees to leave, but Marina says she is engaged to Oliver. The four politicians strip Jim of his costume. He dresses as a fool, and Marina calls him a crook. Jim asks Madame Bordelaise to seduce Oliver. Jim forgives Marina and kisses her. Oliver gets a call from Winchell, but two women are in his room. Davis enters with a gun looking for Emmy Lou. He leaves, but Madame Bordelaise is in the other bed. The Shadow comes in, and Jim asks Oliver to give in; but he won't give up his honor. Oliver marries Madame Bordelaise.

The four politicians board a plane and leave Jim behind. Marina takes Jim to the capital. On the way they see Oliver and Madame Bordelaise enter a motel. Jim shows Oliver how she puts on a girdle. In the legislature Jim filibusters by reading aloud. Oliver announces that Jim was framed by crooks, and Marina stops Jim's mouth with a kiss.

This satire contrasts the corruption of Louisiana politics to a puritanical senator from New England.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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