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The Bride Came C. O. D.

(1941 b 92')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A pilot is paid by her father to abduct an eloping heiress; but in a desert mine she realizes that marriage would be a mistake.

Tommy Kennan (Stuart Erwin) needs news, and bandleader Allen Brice (Jack Carson) announces he is marrying oil heiress Joan Winfield (Bette Davis). Tommy tells them it's not news unless they elope, and he rents a plane to fly them to Las Vegas. Pilot Steve Collins (James Cagney) lands with a blonde, and Peewee (George Tobias) complains Steve is using his family to avoid marriage. Tommy broadcasts the news. Joan's father Lucius K. Winfield (Eugene Pallette) calls her to complain. Steve calls Winfield back and promises to take Joan to Amarillo unmarried for $10 a pound. Bill collector Hinkle (Edward Brophy) demands the plane keys from Steve, who knocks him out. Peewee summons Tommy and Allen off the plane, and Steve takes off with Joan, kidnapping her. She offers Steve more money, but he wants cash. Joan is going to parachute, and Steve has to land in the desert. Joan hears a coyote and hugs Steve. They sleep on the sand in blankets.

Joan and Steve find a ghost town and Pop Tolliver (Harry Davenport), who cooks breakfast. Steve goes back to his plane, and Joan asks Pop to drive her to town. At Amarillo Winfield finds Allen and Tommy. Pop with a gun makes Steve put gas in the car before locking him in jail. Plane fuel makes the car backfire and crash. Joan sees planes and signals with a mirror. On radio Joan and Pop hear that Winfield paid for Joan's abduction. So Pop lets Steve out of jail. Steve carries Joan into jail and gets his plane ready; but Joan runs into a mine and causes a cave-in. They are trapped, and Joan cries. Steve gets back to Pop. Los Angeles sheriff McGee (William Frawley) arrives by plane, but Pop hides Steve. After eating, Steve goes back to Joan, who prepares for death and forgives him. Steve admits he is not married, and they kiss; but Joan realizes he's been eating.

Allen and Tommy arrive with Judge Sobler (Harry Holman). Joan eats, and Allen finds her. Joan refuses to marry Allen there. Pop won't let McGee arrest Steve, saying it is Nevada. Steve picks a fight with Allen but loses. Pop tells Steve they are in California, and the marriage would be illegal. Steve gets them to wed so Winfield can arrive. Joan and Allen are wed by Nevada law. Steve and Pop say they are not in Nevada, but Joan does not believe them, though McGee arrests Steve. Joan leaves with Allen but says she hates him. Joan realizes they are in California and parachutes out as her father arrives. Winfield is told Joan thinks she is married, but he finds her. In the final scene Tommy reports that Joan married Steve, who asks Winfield for $1180 for delivering Joan.

This plot of an heiress about to be married but falling in love with her companion has reached the heights of an airplane and the depths of a mine; but the romantic fantasy still provides comedy for audiences, though the moral tone has been reduced to a marriage-avoiding kidnapper.

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