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Seven Sinners

(1940 b 87')

En: 6 Ed: 5

A tempting singer is deported to another island, where a Navy lieutenant falls in love with her and almost ruins his career.

After a brawl, a judge deports pick-pocket Sasha (Mischa Auer), sailor Edward Patrick Finnegan (Broderick Crawford), and singer Bijou (Marlene Dietrich). On the ship Dr. Martin (Albert Dekker) examines Finnegan and Bijou. She sings "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." Dr. Martin tells Bijou that Henderson is the new governor of Boni Komba; so she goes there. Lt. Dan Brent (John Wayne) helps Bijou off and greets Dorothy Henderson (Anna Lee). In the café of the Seven Sinners Antro (Oskar Homolka) insists that Tony (Billy Gilbert) hire Bijou to sing. Bijou plays pool with Navy officers. Finnegan tells Tony he is bouncer, and Sasha is hired too. At a party for Dorothy Lt. Brent dances with her.

At the Seven Sinners Bijou in a Navy uniform sings a Navy song but is interrupted by Lt. Brent reprimanding officers. Bijou sees Lt. Brent on the street and is friendly. She plays billiards against Lt. Brent, who gets Antro to leave. Lt. Brent brings Bijou flowers, and Ensign Judson brings her orchids too. Finnegan turns Sasha upside down, and Bijou returns the wallets to customers. At night Lt. Brent comes to Bijou's window. Gov. Henderson (Samuel S. Hinds) tells Tony to keep Bijou from coming to the ship party. Bijou tells jealous Antro she is in love. Lt. Brent tells Antro to stop following her and pushes him in the water. Bijou tells Lt. Brent she is leaving. Tony and Antro keep Bijou from going to the Navy, but Sasha helps her disappear. On the ship Bijou sings "I've Been in Love Before." Lt. Brent dances with Bijou; but Henderson tells Captain Church (Reginald Denny) to tell Lt. Brent to make Bijou leave. She kisses Lt. Brent and sends him back to the boat. Bijou finds Antro in her room. He grabs her, and she bites him. Finnegan bursts in.

Lt. Brent tells Captain Church he will marry before they sail; but the Captain orders him to stay on board. Henderson tells Bijou that Lt. Brent intends to marry her. Finnegan blames her because Lt. Brent is resigning. She tells Sasha to get three tickets, but Finnegan says he is going back into the Navy. Antro sends Bijou flowers for a wedding or a funeral. She sends Finnegan to warn Lt. Brent, who goes in to fight Antro and starts a brawl with Antro's men. Finnegan gets help. Antro throws a knife into Tony's back and fights Lt. Brent. Bijou fights her way to Tony, and Antro knocks out Lt. Brent. Finnegan carries Lt. Brent out as police arrive and arrest Antro, Bijou, and Sasha. Lt. Brent reports to the Captain, and sailor Finnegan asks Lt. Brent for leave to say good-bye to Bijou, who joins Dr. Martin on a ship.

This pro-Navy film suggests an attractive woman is responsible for the raucous behavior of crude men and foreshadows the imminent importance of the U. S. Navy in the Pacific Ocean.

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