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Road to Singapore

(1940 b 85')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Two bachelors go to the tropics to avoid marriage but fall for a local homemaker.

Three men tell Ace Lannigan (Bob Hope) he must marry Cherry, but Ace and Josh Mallon (Bing Crosby) start a brawl. Joshua Mallon IV (Charles Coburn) criticizes his son Josh for getting arrested and avoiding running their shipping business. Gloria Wycott (Judith Barrett) tells Josh she found them an apartment and kisses him. While fishing Josh tells Ace he is engaged to Gloria. They catch a large fish and take it to the yacht party. Ace sings "Captain Custard" with Josh. Gloria's brother Gordon shows contempt, and Josh and Ace start another brawl. Senior Mallon learns that Josh and Ace are going to Singapore.

On the tropical island Kaigoon Ace and Josh agree to give up women. They see Mima (Dorothy Lamour) and Caesar (Anthony Quinn) perform with a whip, and they fight him, rescuing Mima. Josh and Ace wake to find that Mima sold Josh's watch for food. At night Mima sings "The Moon and the Willow Tree." Ace suggests they sell soap. Josh sings "Sweet Potato Piper." Ace removes a spot from Achilles Bombanassa (Jerry Colonna) but ruins his coat. Willow gets a photo of Josh and is ordered by Mallon to find him. Josh and Ace tire of doing housework and ask Mima to leave. Caesar grabs her, and they throw him in the mud, welcoming her back.

Josh buys a present with Ace's ring, but Ace takes it. Josh gets it back and gives it to Mima, who puts on the stockings. Josh says that Ace has a girl. Josh sings "Too Romantic" with Mima. Mallon flies with Gloria. Josh and Ace dress for a native feast. Natives sing "Kaigoon" and dance while Josh buries food. Josh dances with a woman and is about to be married when his father and Gloria arrive to rescue him. They ask Josh to sail with them. Ace thanks Mima for the home and asks her to marry. Josh comes in and says he is staying. They tell Mima to choose, and she picks Ace. Caesar gets Immigration to arrest Ace, and Josh sails with Gloria. Ace is deported but gets the officer's uniform to escape. Ace and Mima take a boat, but Ace finds she is sad, because she believes Josh should marry Gloria. Josh jumps ship to find Ace selling soap, and he embraces Mima. To keep Ace from being arrested, Josh and he once again begin a fight.

This musical comedy makes a joke of starting brawls as a way to extricate the heroes from predicaments. The teaming of Crosby, Hope, and Lamour proved successful and was the first of seven "Road" pictures, offering escape entertainment with wit and charm.

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