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Pride and Prejudice

(1940 b 118')

En: 8 Ed: 8

Based on Jane Austen's great novel, a family with five daughters seeks husbands; two proud people must overcome initial impressions.

While shopping, Mrs. Bennet (Mary Boland) learns new neighbor Bingley and Darcy (Laurence Olivier) are wealthy. She rushes home to tell Mr. Bennet (Edmund Gwenn), who already invited them to a ball. While dancing Elizabeth Bennet (Greer Garson) meets Wickham (Edward Ashley). Charles Bingley (Bruce Lester) dances with Jane Bennet (Maureen O'Sullivan). Elizabeth overhears Darcy's contemptuous remarks. Darcy asks her to dance, but she declines and dances with Darcy's foe Wickham. Jane rides to Charles in the rain, catches cold, and must stay. Elizabeth visits and converses with Caroline Bingley (Frieda Inescort) and Darcy. Collins (Melville Cooper) is to inherit the estate of Bennet, who has five daughters. Collins says he intends to choose one of them and learns Jane is taken. At Bingley's garden party Collins runs after Elizabeth, and Darcy misdirects him. Elizabeth outshoots Darcy in archery. Darcy refuses to reply about Wickham. Mary Bennet (Marsha Hunt) sings off-key. Caroline mocks Elizabeth's family, and Darcy finds Elizabeth crying. He admires her defense of Wickham. She begins to doubt he is proud, and he thinks she may not be prejudiced.

At home Mrs. Bennet leaves Elizabeth with Collins, who proposes marriage. Elizabeth says no, but he is not discouraged. Mrs. Bennet insists Elizabeth marry him; but Mr. Bennet gets her off. Mrs. Bennet opens Jane's letter and learns it is off too. Wickham calls on Elizabeth and says Darcy left. Wickham says that Darcy refused his annuity for going into the church. Jane tells Elizabeth that Caroline wrote that Charles is interested in her sister. Elizabeth says he'll come back. Everyone learns that Collins is going to marry Charlotte Lucas (Karen Morley). Elizabeth asks her to postpone it because of Collins' defects. Elizabeth visits the Collins. Darcy's aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Edna May Oliver) arrives and invites them to dinner. Darcy comes in, and Lady Catherine asks Elizabeth to play piano. Lady Catherine wants Darcy to marry her daughter Anne (Gia Kent). Elizabeth learns that Darcy got Charles to leave, and she gets angry. Darcy asks Elizabeth to marry. She declines, and they argue.

At home Jane tells Elizabeth that Lydia Bennet (Ann Rutherford) ran away with Wickham without marrying. Darcy tells Elizabeth that Wickham tried to elope with his sister, and he offers to help. Darcy leaves, and Elizabeth tells Jane that she loves him. Caroline reads a letter about the Bennets' shame, upsetting Charles and Darcy. The Bennets plan to move, and Mr. Bennet gets Wickham's demand for less money than expected. Lydia and Wickham arrive married, and Lydia says they are rich. Wickham tells Elizabeth that his rich uncle died. Lady Catherine arrives and alone with Elizabeth threatens to disown Darcy if he marries her. Lady Catherine says that Darcy found Wickham and gave him money. Lady Catherine tells Darcy about Elizabeth's reaction. Charles comes to Jane, and Elizabeth thanks Darcy for helping Lydia. Darcy asks again and kisses Elizabeth. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet see Mary and Kitty Bennet (Heather Angel) with men too.

This dramatized novel reflects the sophisticated awareness of English women and explores the process by which early prejudices may be overcome.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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