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One Night in the Tropics

(1940 b 82')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on a novel by Earl Derr Biggers, Lucky sells his friend love insurance and then falls in love with his fiancé in the first film of Abbott and Costello.

Steve Harper (Robert Cummings) tells Jim "Lucky" Moore (Allan Jones) he is in love with Cynthia. Jim and Steve bet on happy marriages, get into a fight, and Steve knocks down Aunt Kitty (Mary Boland). Steve leaves Kitty in a broken elevator and finds Cynthia Merrick (Nancy Kelly) in her wedding gown. Steve learns than Kitty is her aunt, and Kitty calls off the wedding. In court Jim sells the judge election insurance and pays no fine. Jim offers Steve love insurance to make sure he marries Cynthia. Mickey Fitzgerald (Peggy Moran) barges in while Steve is on the phone to Cynthia. Mickey tells Steve she loves him and will marry him. Jim tells his father (Richard Carle) he sold love insurance and gets nightclub owner Roscoe (William Frawley) to invest. Abbott (Bud Abbott) and Costello (Lou Costello) exchange money, and Costello gives Jim his wallet back. Jim meets Cynthia and keeps Mickey away from Steve. Mickey sings "Remind Me" to Steve. Cynthia sees Mickey kissing Steve in a phone booth and leaves. Roscoe warns Jim and sends Abbott and Costello after Steve. Mickey says good-bye to Steve and takes his policy. Abbott tries to tell Costello that Who is on first. Mickey gets Steve to pass out; but Roscoe tells Abbott and Costello to take Mickey to Kansas City, while Steve is going to San Marco.

On the ship Jim sings "You and Your Kiss" to Cynthia for Steve. Jim says Mickey is his girl. At San Marco in a car Costello tries to tell Mickey a joke, but Abbott interrupts. Steve arrives and runs into Kitty. In the evening Jim sings "Back in My Shell" to Cynthia. Steve joins them and tells Jim that Mickey is there. Jim tells Steve that Mickey loves him but gets a telegram from his father and changes Steve's object of affection. Cynthia learns from Mickey that Jim has a policy that Steve must marry her. Abbott reduces Costello's salary from $365 to a buck, which a bellboy takes. At the bullfight Mickey puts her head on Jim's shoulder, and Cynthia tells Steve they won't get married tomorrow. Costello tells Abbott he doesn't like mustard. In the evening Cynthia sings "Your Dream Is the Same as My Dream." Jim is affected but sings it to Mickey and then Cynthia, who leaves with toreador Rudolfo. Jim calls his father he is in love but realizes Cynthia must marry Steve. Roscoe with a gun insists Steve wed Cynthia, but Jim stops it. Mickey takes the gun to make Escobar (Leo Carrillo) wed her to Steve. Jim runs away with Cynthia and tries to explain he hates insurance. Roscoe, Abbott and Costello chase them amid dancers. Roscoe tells Jim they don't have to pay, and Jim embraces Cynthia.

This comedy offers escape entertainment, satirizing insurance, numerology, and the confused intentions of Steve.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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