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My Love Came Back

(1940 b 85')

En: 6 Ed: 6

A student violinist is helped by a wealthy patron and falls in love with a man who misunderstands the patron's relationship with her.

Violinist Amelia Cornell (Olivia de Havilland) is late to a music academy's concert. Professor Peyer (S. Z. Sakall) won't let her explain until she breaks a glass door. Amelia tells Dr. Kobbe (Grant Mitchell) she gives lessons to support her family, but he says it is against the rules. Julius Malette (Charles Winninger) hears and agrees to be president of the academy. Tony Baldwin (Jeffrey Lynn) manages the Malette Music Company and reprimands Paul Malette (William T. Orr) for his expenses. Tony treats Valerie Malette (Ann Gillis) like a kid, angering her. Julius puts Tony in charge and sends a new phonograph to Amelia. Dusty Rhodes (Eddie Albert) and Joy (Jane Wyman) play jazz to Liszt, and Amelia tries it. She joins Dusty's swing band and is quitting the academy. Julius calls Tony to send Amelia money from his expense account. Julius takes Amelia to concerts; but on his wedding anniversary he is detained by his wife (Spring Byington) and calls Tony to apologize to Amelia. Tony stays to dance with her to Strauss music all night. She invites him to hear her, but he declines.

Paul asks Tony about the money going to Amelia. Tony meets Amelia and preaches to her. Paul and Valerie call on Amelia and ask if she worked for Tony; she says no. Amelia meets Tony, who says her checks are from Julius. She says she won't accept his checks anymore and kisses Tony. Dusty and Joy need $190 to join the musician's union and ask Amelia to loan them from her check. She says no, but Joy mails her letter. Valerie and Paul tell Julius and his wife that Tony is paying Amelia. Paul calls on Amelia to apologize. He sees his father Julius coming and hides. Amelia tells Julius she has another man. Paul tells Tony that Julius is with Amelia, and Tony decides not to see Amelia nor answer her calls. Julius tells Tony to stop the checks. Julius wants new music for Valerie's party, and Dusty is hired with Amelia. At the party Amelia tells Mrs. Malette her story. Tony calls Amelia disgusting. Amelia plays swing violin, upsetting Peyer, Kobbe, and Julius; but the music critic likes it. Mrs. Malette pays Dusty, who pays back Amelia. She makes Dusty explain to Tony. She plays Mendelssohn and then goes to Tony as swing takes over. Tony apologizes and kisses Amelia.

This romantic comedy has fine music and a plot that depends on sinful thoughts in the mind but none in fact.

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