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My Favorite Wife

(1940 b 88')

En: 7 Ed: 6

After his missing wife is declared dead, a lawyer marries; but he finds his wife has returned with the man she was with on an island for seven years.

In court lawyer Nick Arden (Cary Grant) tells Judge Bryson (Granville Bates) that his wife Ellen was shipwrecked seven years ago and is still missing. The Judge pronounces her dead and weds Nick to Bianca (Gail Patrick). Ellen Arden (Irene Dunne) returns home, sees her children Tim and Chinch, and is greeted by her dog. Ma Arden (Ann Shoemaker) is shocked to see Ellen and tells her that Nick just got married again.

At a hotel Ellen sees Nick and Bianca come in. Nick sees Ellen and leaves Bianca in their room. Nick gets a room for Ellen, who asks him if he loves Bianca. Ellen has Nick rehearse and gets him to kiss her. The hotel clerk (Donald MacBride) tells Nick his wife wants him. Nick practices what to say. He calls Bianca and says he is on a plane but then bumps into her. Nick drives home with Bianca. Ma Arden says that Ellen is an old friend. After dinner Bianca has a headache and goes to bed. Nick says he will tell Bianca and kisses Ellen. Bianca cries and asks Nick if he loves her. Insurance man Johnson (Hugh O'Connell) arrives and asks Nick about his wife Ellen, saying a rumor had her returning with Steve Burkett. Nick asks her about being with Steve for seven years. She says Steve is at the YMCA, and Nick tells Bianca he is going there. Nick asks his secretary to find Steve. At a hotel Nick follows a page to find Steve Burkett (Randolph Scott) at the pool. Ellen hires a shoe salesman and takes him to Nick as Steve. Nick laughs and takes Ellen to lunch at the club where Steve is swimming. Steve joins them and says he wants to marry Ellen, who says she can do without both but falls into the pool.

Nick leaves with Steve. At home Bianca has Dr. Kohlmer see Nick, who comes in to get clothes, holds up a dress, and gives it to Steve, who leaves. Nick tells Bianca he is married, and he is arrested for bigamy. In court Judge Bryson fines Ellen $50 and declares her alive, saying he can annul the second marriage. Ellen asks Steve to help her get Nick back. Bianca hits Nick, pays a fine, and leaves. Nick drives to the mountains with Ellen and their kids. Nick asks Ellen when she will tell the children, but they hear. Nick leaves, and the children embrace their mother. Nick comes back but is sent to the attic to think. He goes into Ellen's room, and she lets him take a mattress. Nick admits he is mad about her; but she puts him off till Christmas. Nick comes back dressed as Santa Claus.

This charming comedy plays upon the naughty idea that a man has two wives, and he is supposed to believe that his wife stayed faithful while being alone with a handsome man on an island for seven years.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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