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The Lady In Question

(1940 b 80')

En: 6 Ed: 5

Based on the French film Gribouille, a juror gives the woman acquitted a job and a room while lying to his wife, and his son falls in love with her.

Andre Morestan (Brian Aherne) leaves his bicycle shop for jury duty. Brash Andre is an alternate juror. Natalie Roguin (Rita Hayworth) is charged with murder, and the victim got her an apartment. Andre replaces an ill juror. Natalie says the victim Gilbert struck her, was drunk, and tried to kill her; she struggled to get his gun. His father testifies that Gilbert took money from him for her. Andre asks a pertinent question. At home Francois Morestan (Evelyn Keyes) asks her father Andre if she can marry Robert LaCoste (Edward Norris). Another woman calling herself Natalie Roguin testifies Gilbert threatened to kill her but was not drunk. The jury cannot agree, and Andre argues she must be acquitted. When he explains, they agree. Andre tells her lawyer he will help her.

Andre trades a tandem for two bikes, and his wife Michele Morestan (Irene Rich) complains. Natalie calls Andre, and he goes to meet her. Natalie says she can't get work. Andre offers her a job in his shop and a room; but he tells Michele she is a friend's daughter. Andre's son Pierre Morestan (Glenn Ford) sees it is Natalie. Francois says Pierre is in love. Pierre finds Natalie reading his astronomy book. Michele hears Natalie talking Hungarian. Andre tries to keep juror Lurette (Curt Bois) from seeing Natalie. Lurette tells Michele they made a mistake on the case, and Andre tells Lurette not to come back. Robert wants to teach Natalie how to dance. Andre is worried but reassures Natalie. Andre tells Michele that she spoke a dialect, not Hungarian. At dinner they discuss the murder case, and Natalie goes out, followed by Pierre, who tells her he knows who she is and advises her to leave. Natalie defends Andre, and Pierre shows her the moon and Venus.

In church Lurette sees Andre with Natalie, who leaves. Pierre tells Natalie she will be his wife. Pierre tells Andre he is going to marry Natalie, but Andre says no. Robert tells Natalie that Lurette informed him who she is. Robert tries to kiss her, and jealous Pierre fights Robert until Andre stops them. Michele learns about Natalie, and Francois cries. Pierre takes money; but Natalie says good-bye and that she does not love him. Andre accuses Pierre of robbing him and breaks a cupid on Natalie's head. Michele keeps Andre from telling a policeman. Michele doesn't want Pierre to leave and says she'll go too. Andre tells Lurette he was right, and Lurette tells him to go to the court. Andre does and learns that evidence proved her innocent. Andre tells Lurette that Natalie will be his daughter-in-law.

This comedy-drama shows the power a beautiful woman has to motivate men to do good and bad things.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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