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Kitty Foyle

(1940 b 108')

En: 6 Ed: 6

Based on Christopher Morley's novel, a working woman has to choose between a Philadelphia socialite and a struggling New York doctor.

A prolog shows women on a pedestal before they got the vote. Dr. Mark Eisen (James Craig) shows Kitty Foyle (Ginger Rogers) a baby and asks her to marry. She says yes but finds Wyn Stratford (Dennis Morgan) in her room. She says it's over, but he asks her to go to Buenos Aires without his wife, though he can't divorce. She agrees, but in the mirror her conscience criticizes her choice.

Kitty recalls when she was 15, and her Pop (Ernest Cossart) warns her about Cinderella stories. She learns shorthand and meets Wyn, who hires her as his secretary. They are attracted. On a trip to New York speakeasy owner Giono (Eduardo Ciannelli) gives them a liqueur, and they celebrate Roosevelt defeating Hoover. By a fire Wyn kisses Kitty. She tells Pop she loves Wyn, but he is skeptical. Wyn tells Kitty his magazine is folding, but he offers to keep paying her. She declines, finds Pop dead, and goes to New York. Kitty sells perfume, pushes an alarm by mistake, and pretends to faint. Mark treats her and gets a date. He comes over but stays in her shared apartment, playing cards with her to test her for gold-digging. Mark takes Kitty out and observes people on the subway. She tells him Wyn had too much money. Mark is falling for Kitty.

Wyn sends flowers and comes to Kitty with a beautiful dress. They say they love each other and dance until 5 a.m. Wyn hires the orchestra to play for breakfast and proposes to Kitty, who says no because of class differences in Philadelphia. Wyn says now he is a New Yorker, and Kitty is happy. Wyn takes his wife Kitty to his family. His mother (Gladys Cooper) wants to prepare Kitty with a year of finishing school. Kitty says they won't live in Philadelphia but learns that Wyn must to get his trust fund. Kitty tells them off. Wyn tells her he'll live in New York, but she leaves.

Mark sees Kitty. Giono brings her liqueur. She says she is no longer married, but she still loves Wyn. Kitty gets a call from Wyn and is pregnant. Kitty asks Giono for milk and reads that Wyn is engaged. Kitty tells her boss Delphine (Odette Myrtil) she won't tell Wyn. Kitty has a baby, but Delphine tells her he died. Delphine sends Kitty to work in Philadelphia, and she serves Wyn's wife, meeting his son. Kitty sends her ring back to Wyn. Now Kitty has to choose either to marry Mark or leave with Wyn. Kitty leaves a message for Wyn and goes to wed Mark.

This drama reflects the independence some women have gained by being employed. Yet Kitty finds the social distinctions made by the wealthy in Philadelphia too much to overcome.

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