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Down Argentine Way

(1940 c 89')

En: 6 Ed: 5

The son of an Argentinean horse breeder overcomes his father's hostility to another family interested in horses in this colorful musical.

From Argentina Don Diego Quintana (Henry Stephenson) sends his son Ricardo Quintana (Don Ameche) with his horses to a show in New York. Ricardo sells a horse to Glenda Crawford (Betty Grable) for her price of $5,000. Glenda sings "Down Argentina Way" and dances. Ricardo kisses her, but her aunt Binnie Crawford (Charlotte Greenwood) is the one her father won't sell to. Glenda learns that Ricardo sold the horse to Helen. Glenda takes a plane with Binnie to Buenos Aires. The ambassador Arturo Bedilia (Charles Judels) calls Glenda and invites her to a concert, but she goes out with Tito Acuna (Leonid Kinskey) by mistake. Binnie goes with Bedilia. In a nightclub the Nicholas brothers dance. Glenda learns that Tito is a guide and that she is paying. Carmen Miranda sings "Mama Yo Quiero." Glenda sees Ricardo and says she came to buy horses. She encourages him, then slaps him, and leaves. Binnie finds Tito, who says women have never complained before, and she joins him.

Binnie tells Quintana that she wants to buy horses, and he tells her to go. Binnie sees Ricardo kissing Glenda. Ricardo does not tell his father that Glenda's name is Crawford. Outside Binnie sings "Sing to Your Señorita." Ricardo sees his father's champion jumper Furioso in an informal horse race, and Casiano (J. Carrol Naish) wins a bet on him. Glenda suggests training Furioso secretly, and Ricardo does so. In the evening Glenda and Ricardo sing "Two Dreams Met." Quintana learns that Glenda's name is Crawford and gets angry. In a show Furioso refuses to jump. Ricardo tells Glenda he won't go against his father and race him; but he changes his mind and says he loves her. Quintana learns of the race and tells Ricardo to withdraw Furioso; but Casiano persuades Quintana to race him, and he bets on him. Word spreads, and the odds go down from 80-1 to 4-1. Binnie tells Quintana that Furioso will lose. Then she learns that Tito got the jockey changed; but Furioso wins anyway. Glenda says that Quintana hates the Crawfords, because her late father stopped him from a foolish marriage. In the final scene they dance and celebrate.

Reflecting the current "good neighbor policy," Argentina is treated as a romantic and beautiful place. Once again love overcomes prejudice, and joy is celebrated with dancing and songs.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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