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Arise, My Love

(1940 b 110')

En: 7 Ed: 7

A reporter saves a flyer from a firing squad in Spain, and they fall in love as Germany begins the war.

During the summer of 1939 in Spain an imprisoned American pilot Tom Martin (Ray Milland) is to be executed and jokes with a priest (Frank Puglia). His "wife" Augusta Nash (Claudette Colbert) gets him a pardon though he never saw her before. Augusta is a reporter. The prison governor (George Zucco) reads his will and tries to catch him; but Tom steals the taxi and an airplane. Tom tells Augusta he likes her. Her story is front page. Editor Phillips (Walter Abel) congratulates Augusta. Tom walks off and urges Joe Shepard (Dennis O'Keefe) and Pinky O'Connor (Dick Purcell) to stay because of Hitler. In Paris Augusta calls on Tom for a photo and interview; but Tom wants love and goes out with her, saying he is waiting for a Romanian. Tom gets her advice on romance, and they dance. Augusta realizes there is no Romanian, and in a carriage they kiss. Augusta wants to write, and Tom waits for her in a café across the street. She has her shoes and phone locked up. Phillips is stopped from seeing her and is knocked out. He tells her she is to report from Berlin. Augusta gets a telegram from Tom and invites Phillips to stay the night. Tom sees Phillips in the café.

Tom wishes Augusta well at the train and joins her on his way to Warsaw to volunteer. She reads Mein Kampf by Hitler and tosses it out the window. Tom kisses her and stops the train. Newspapers report that Hitler invades Poland. Phillips asks about Berlin and says he is not happy when he learns Augusta is not there. In the Compiegne forest Tom sleeps on Augusta's lap. They see animals running and planes overhead. On radio they hear that England and France are mobilizing. A maid tells Augusta Europeans are sick, and Americans are lucky. Radio reports that Americans are urged to leave France. Augusta cries and hugs Tom. She books passage on a ship. Joe and Pinky tell Tom and her they can join the Royal Air Force. Tom says they're going back to marry. On the Athenia Tom and Augusta drink champagne and mint as a torpedo explodes.

Phillips asks for the story of the sinking. Augusta arrives in the Hebrides in a lifeboat and looks for Tom, who was rescued by plane and finds her. He did some flying and joined up. Augusta says she has a story and is staying. She calls Phillips and reports. Augusta covers the war, and Nazis occupy Paris. Tom has a wounded arm and asks Phillips where Augusta is. She is with the Germans at Compiegne for the armistice and walks in the forest. She hears Tom, who says he is going to America to train pilots. She will write for America to arise.

This romantic film shows two Americans caught up in the startling events happening in Europe, as Augusta reports news, and Tom volunteers to fight against tyrants.

Copyright © 2002 by Sanderson Beck

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