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Yes, My Darling Daughter

(1939 b 86')

En: 6 Ed: 6


Based on a play by Mark Reed, a family reacts to the daughter spending a weekend alone with her departing boy-friend.

Ellen Murray (Priscilla Lane) greets writer Titus Jaywood (Roland Young) at the train station and warns him about her divorced aunt Connie. Doug Hall (Jeffrey Lynn) stops Ellen's car, and they argue because he did not attend her graduation. Ellen asks Jaywood to help her get a job. Granny Whitman (May Robson) tells Jaywood that Ann Murray (Fay Bainter) went to jail 19 times for women's rights. Connie (Genevieve Tobin) arrives from Reno and tells Ann she is free again. Jaywood almost married Ann twenty years ago and is a bachelor. At the lake Doug and Ellen realize they love each other and kiss. Doug says he is going to Belgium for a job for two years. Ellen suggests they spend three days together in a cottage. Connie tells Ann that Ellen is going away with a boy. Ann asks Ellen about her plans. Ellen explains Doug is going away and says Ann is being a hypocrite because she knew a poet. Ann forbids Ellen to go with Doug. Jaywood has Ellen bring in Doug to meet Ann. They have tea, and Doug says he is interested in marriage. Ann tells Ellen she likes Doug and trusts them. Ellen goes off with Doug, and Granny consoles Ann.

Doug and Ellen find only one cabin available. Lewis Murray (Ian Hunter) learns that Ellen and Doug went off together alone, demands to know where, and then leaves. Granny calls to report a stolen car. Jaywood goes with Connie, followed later by Ann. In the cabin Ellen and Doug wash dishes, discuss, and go for a walk. A cop stops Lewis, and Granny has him arrested. Connie tells Jaywood they could replace Ellen and Doug; but a cop stops them and finds the silver Granny put in the car. Jaywood is glad to be arrested and joins Lewis in jail. Ann is brought in for speeding and denies knowing her husband Lewis. At the cabin Doug sleeps on the porch.

At breakfast Lewis says he has arranged a wedding. Ellen arrives in a taxi and blames Connie for her father Lewis knowing. Doug comes in and meets Lewis, who lectures him. Doug discovers they knew, gets angry at Ann, and leaves. Ellen asks Ann for advice. Jaywood calls Paris and gets Ellen a job on a newspaper. Lewis expects Ellen to marry, but she refuses until Granny persuades her. At the boat Granny, Ann, Lewis, Connie, and Jaywood see Doug off, and Doug finds Ellen in his room with a marriage license. Granny gives credit to Ellen, and Jaywood fails to escape Connie.

This comedy challenges traditional moral notions with the liberal ideas of independent women, causing some consternation and reluctance for conservative men; but the wise Granny gets the last laugh in preserving the freedom of the young.

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