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These Glamour Girls

(1939 b 79')

En: 6 Ed: 6


Socialite college students encounter a dime-a-dance girl and find themselves examining their attitudes and values.

Daphne (Anita Louise) calls Ann (Mary Beth Hughes) to tell her she got three invitations to college house parties. Daphne calls Carol (Jane Bryan), who is going with rich Philip Griswold III (Lew Ayres). Mary Rose (Ann Rutherford) did not get a bid and is upset. Mary's mother calls Homer (Tom Brown), but roommate Phil puts her off. Phil and Homer go drunk to a dime-a-dance hall. Phil dances with Jane Thomas (Lana Turner) and takes off his shoes; after an argument, a fight breaks out. Phil takes Jane home and invites her to college. At the train Phil greets Carol, and Homer welcomes Mary Rose. Three guys meet Daphne; Blimpy (Sumner Getchell) is sent for a bag and brings Jane to Phil. Jane learns Phil has a date, and he offers her money for her expenses. Jane stays with Blimpy as her date. Carol recognizes the waiter Joe (Richard Carlson). Jane says she is from Kansas, causing Blimpy to leave. Joe spills water on Daphne. Phil apologizes to Jane and takes her to a dance. All watch Jane dance; but Daphne asks her about her dance-hall job. Carol dances with Joe, and they talk about Phil. Jane goes with Phil to a party. After taking Mary Rose home, Homer takes up with older Betty (Marsha Hunt). Phil and Jane eat hamburgers with onions, and they walk at dawn. Phil tells Jane he wants to take her out in New York and kisses her at the door. Betty comes in after Jane.

The next day Phil notices Betty left something in their room and calls Homer a heel. At breakfast Daphne tells Carol and Phil to announce their engagement, and they do. Jane and Joe walk and see Phil and Carol. Homer takes Betty in the house of mirrors, and she hears others saying she should get married. Phil tells Jane they can still have fun despite his engagement; but hurt Jane criticizes the glamour girls. A newspaper reports that Philip Griswold was indicted for fraud. Mary Rose learns that Homer took Phil's car to get married. Phil leaves for New York, and Carol goes with Joe. Drunk Homer tells Betty he won't get married. Betty stops the car in front of a train; only Homer escapes. Phil visits his father (Henry Kolker) in jail. The elder Griswold tells his son there is money in his name, but Phil says he wants to give up his advantages and the money. In the final scene at the dance hall Jane cries for Phil, who comes in and dances with her.

Aristocratic college students are exposed for their decadent values as the son of a wealthy man has his life changed by a beautiful working woman.

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