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The Saint in London

(1939 b 72')

En: 5 Ed: 4


The free-lance detective, aided by a woman and pick-pocket, helps the inspector catch a gang of counterfeiters.

Simon Templar (George Sanders) meets pick-pocket Dugan (David Burns) and hires him. At a party Simon meets Bruno Lang (Henry Oscar) and dances with Penny Parker (Sally Gray). Lang finds the Saint's card on his car. Simon climbs over a wall, sneaks into a house, opens the safe, and takes some papers. He leaves a note for Lang, overcomes a man to escape, and is picked up by Penny in his car. They stop and hear a cry. Simon puts fleeing Count Duni (John Abbott) in the car and fights Max until Penny knocks out Max. Lang blames Max and calls Kussella (Ralph Truman) that Count Duni escaped. Simon leaves Penny with Dugan at home and takes Count Duni to see a doctor. Count Duni tells Simon that he was abducted and asks him to contact his embassy. Inspector Claud Teal (Gordon McLeod) learns that Simon was in the fight on the road. Dugan gives Penny his gun; but while he takes a message from a visitor, she slips out. Simon finds Teal with Dugan, and Teal questions Simon about the fight and Penny. Dugan tells Simon that Penny left. She follows Kussella and calls Simon as Kussella grabs her. Kussella sends Tim (Hugh McDermott) for the money. Kussella tells Simon he will trade Penny for Count Duni; but Dugan gets a gun and knocks out Kussella. Teal finds Count Duni stabbed to death but gets little information from Mother Buckley (Athena Seyler), who says it was Teal. Simon and Penny come in. Teal wants to arrest Simon, and they agree to work together. Teal lets Simon escape. Penny and Simon go out for a drink. Simon calls Mother Buckley, who says that Count Duni called Stengler (Cara Jaffe). Stengler calls Kussella, and Simon tells Stengler he is Teal and questions him.

Simon searches a building and hits Penny accidentally. Simon calls Dugan, who is holding Stengler and Lang. Kussella and Tim knock out Dugan. Simon and Penny are met by Lang with a gun. Lang gives Simon an hour to return his document, but at his car Simon throws a knife at Lang. Simon frees Penny and Dugan, who carry the money. Tim shoots Kussella, but Simon gets away. Kussella dies, and Teal comes in. Stengler accuses Simon of murder and theft. Teal takes in Stengler and finds Simon waiting. Agent Richard Blake tells Teal that Lang is wanted for espionage. Simon says the money goes back to Count Duni's country. Teal calls his wife, but Simon avoids marrying Penny.

This detective adventure suggests that style and charm can overcome the bad guys.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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