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The Saint Strikes Back

(1939 b 64')

En: 5 Ed: 4


Based on a novel by Leslie Charteris, Simon Templar confronts a tough beauty but helps clear her late father by catching the criminals.

In San Francisco at a New Year's celebration Simon Templar (George Sanders) sees a man about to shoot get killed, and he stops Val Travers (Wendy Barrie) outside, telling police he is her husband. Because of the gang war and Templar, Inspector Henry Fernack (Jonathan Hale) is summoned from New York, where he says good-bye to his wife but finds Simon, who says Val's father committed suicide. They fly, and Fernack says he will turn in Simon; but in Fort Worth Fernack gets off to look for Simon and is left behind.

Simon calls on Val, meets Allan Breck (Neil Hamilton), and asks Val about Waldman. When Simon kisses Val, she slaps him. Fernack calls on Simon and has breakfast; Simon says the milk was poisoned by Val. Police complain about Val as Simon meets criminologist Cullis (Jerome Cowan). While Fernack waits, Simon helps Zipper Dysan (Barry Fitzgerald) rob a house; but Harry Donnell comes in and is shot at by Martin Eastman (Gilbert Emery) before fleeing. Simon pays Zipper to play a role at Val's and gives him a black eye.

Simon tells Fernack he got stolen money from Eastman. Simon asks Cullis for the serial numbers. Simon shoots the car of Cullis and locks in Fernack so he can go to Val alone. Fernack calls the police to arrest Simon. At Val's Zipper says Simon hurt him. Breck asks Val to go away with him. Simon sneaks in, takes Val's gun, and says Cullis is coming. Donnell threatens and is shot. Simon gives Val's gun to Breck and leaves with Val and Zipper as Cullis and police break in. Breck tells Cullis he shot Donnell in self-defense. Fernack says Simon stole the money.

Eastman wakes to find Simon asking for breakfast with Val. Cullis and Inspector Webster (Robert Elliott) arrive, and Eastman finds the money in his safe; Cullis and Webster criticize Eastman and leave. Val asks Eastman what happened to her father. Simon predicts Eastman will be killed as he leaves the house and is shot. Fernack arrests Simon and takes the money; but first they eat a sea-food dinner. Simon tells Val that he shot Donnell when she missed. Simon leaves notes for dozing Fernack and to tell Cullis he is bringing the money. Val goes to Cullis, who admits he framed her father and says Waldman killed Eastman. Cullis takes the money and says Breck will hunt her down; but police are listening, and Simon and Fernack overcome a man and Cullis, who says Breck is Waldman. Simon assures Val her father's name is cleared, but Simon remains alone.

Although called a Robin Hood, rather than helping the poor this Saint tracks down criminals for a beautiful woman and the police.

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