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The Oklahoma Kid

(1939 b 81')

En: 6 Ed: 5


In the new town of Tulsa after his law-abiding father is framed and lynched, an outlaw gets revenge by killing those most responsible.

President Cleveland proclaims the Cherokee Strip open. Whip McCord (Humphrey Bogart) and his gang rob the stage as Jim Kincaid (James Cagney), known as the Oklahoma Kid, watches and then ropes the horse with the money. John Kincaid (Hugh Sothern) tells others they can found a town in the rush. At a dance Jim meets Jane Hardwick (Rosemary Lane), who is going with Ned Kincaid (Harvey Stephens). In a full hotel Jim empties a room for Jane and her father Judge Hardwick (Donald Crisp). In a saloon McCord tells his men they will get there sooner. Jim spends new money and sings "I Don't Want to Play in Your Yard." McCord demands the money; Jim pulls his gun, shoots a man and escapes. McCord tells Sheriff Abe Collins. At noon the land rush begins. Judge Hardwick finds Jim at the bar. Jim says he can't trust law in the West. Sheriff Collins arrests Jim, but Jane sees Jim escape. John Kincaid finds McCord claiming land and accuses him of being a sooner, but he agrees to let him have land for a gambling saloon.

People build the town of Tulsa. McCord's men shoot a man. John Kincaid decides to run for mayor, but McCord's men break up his crowd. Jim reads that John was arrested for murder. A reward is posted for Jim, who calls on Jane. She tells him John was framed by McCord. Jim says John is his father. Ned comes in looking for Jim, his brother. Ned asks Jane to marry. McCord gets Judge Hardwick out of the way with a phony letter about his brother. Jane rides after her father, and Jim sees her. Jim sends her back to have the lawyer delay while he rides to stop the stage. Jim explains to Judge Hardwick. Judge Morgan over-rules John's lawyer as Wes Handley (Ward Bond), McCord, and Ace Doolin (Edward Pawley) testify. Jane tells Jim that his father was convicted. Jim locks up the deputies; but John refuses to escape, and Jim has to flee. At the saloon McCord rouses a lynch mob. Judge Hardwick is pushed aside, and John is hanged.

Jim calls on Jane, and Judge Hardwick says that Doolin, Curley, Indian Joe, and Handley hanged his father. Jim goes to the saloon and shoots Indian Joe. Judge Hardwick gets Tulsa put under martial law, and Ned becomes marshal. Jim finds Curley and kills him. Jim chases Handley on to a train, shoots at him, and Handley is run over by the train. Jim tracks Doolin and captures him. Doolin names McCord. Ned goes to arrest McCord, who shoots Ned. Jim and McCord fight until wounded Ned shoots McCord dead. Ned dies in Jim's arms. In the final scene Jim tells Jane he is going to Arizona; but she and Judge Hardwick get him to marry her.

In 1895 Indian land is taken for settlers. In the wild West a crooked gang gets its way until another violent outlaw gets revenge.

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