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No Place to Go

(1939 b 56')

En: 5 Ed: 4


Based on a play by Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman, a retired man lives with his son and his wife and befriends a poor boy.

Joe Plummer (Dennis Morgan) asks his wife Gertrude Plummer (Gloria Dickson) if his father can live there, and she agrees. Andrew Plummer (Fred Stone) leaves the soldiers home. Housekeeper Hilda (Greta Meyer) says an old man is more trouble than a baby. Joe and Gertrude welcome Andrew and show him his room. Friend Pete (Frank Faylen) and his wife invite Joe and Gertrude to go out, and Andrew tells them to go. Hilda quits, and three other housekeepers also resign because of Andrew. Joe tells Andrew he doesn't need him at work after all. Gertrude tells Andrew to stay out of the kitchen and not garden. On the street Andrew meets Tommy Foster (Sonny Bupp) and hires him to show him the town. Tommy swipes bananas, and Andrew teaches him to pay for them. Tommy gives his dog to Andrew.

Joe's boss Ben Bradford (Charles Halton) and Mrs. Bradford (Georgia Caine) arrive. Andrew gives Ben extra liquor, and the dog takes Mrs. Bradford's shoe. Joe gets the shoe, and Andrew fixes Ben's back. In the park Andrew meets elderly men from the nearby Hayes Home. Andrew sees Tommy in the rain and invites him in. Andrew gives Tommy and the dog a bath, and Gertrude gets upset. Andrew buys Tommy new clothes. Tommy goes home, where uncle Frank Crowley (Al Bridge) demands his dollar and learns Andrew has money in a trunk.

Andrew shows Tommy how he wrestled. Dr. Hefferman (Aldrich Bowker) calls on Andrew and says the home has a vacancy; the fee is $500 for life. Gertrude entertains a committee. Tommy broke Andrew's belt buckle and takes it to be fixed. Gertrude complains to Joe that Andrew ruined the meeting. Andrew tells Joe and Gertrude that he wants to go into the Hayes Home. Andrew discovers that his money is gone. Frank tells Sid he got $1,000 from the trunk. Andrew calls for Tommy and tells Frank he was robbed. Tommy says he took the buckle but denies he stole money. Frank plans to leave town. Tommy runs after Andrew and tells him. Andrew sends Tommy to the Hayes Home for help and barges in on Frank. Andrew locks Sid in a closet and fights Frank. He gets Frank in a wrestling hold. The elderly men come in and threaten torture to make Frank say where the money is. In the final scene the Hayes Home makes Andrew a member, and he has Tommy made a member too.

This domestic drama explores whether an elderly parent should live with his children. Andrew finds he fits in much better with his own age group and with the young friend that he makes.

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