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Nancy Drew ... Troubleshooter

(1939 b 68')

En: 5 Ed: 4


Nancy is jealous of her father's romance but manages to track down two murderers, who have framed her father's friend.

Matt Brandon (Aldrich Bowker) is accused of murder, but he denies it despite a feud. Carson Drew (John Litel) goes to defend him and tells housekeeper Effie (Renie Riano) not to tell Nancy (Bonita Granville), who soon finds out. They go to Matt's house in the country and meet neighbor Edna Gregory (Charlotte Wynters), causing Carson to decide to stay there. Carson and Nancy tell Sheriff Barney Riggs (Roger Imhof) he must find the victim's body before he can hold Matt despite the complaint of Clint Griffith (Erville Alderson). Nancy finds Ted Nickerson (Frankie Thomas) building a boat and gives him a watch. Nancy tells Ted that Edna is after her father. Effie gets poison ivy, and Nancy offers to cook dinner. Ted and Edna come in and help her. Matt tells Carson that Clint has a crop-dusting business. Carson and Ted try to help Edna. Nancy finds a tropical plant and asks Apollo Johnson (Willie Best) to dig it up. Apollo finds a body and runs to Sheriff Riggs, who arrests Matt. Nancy is jealous that her father is seeing Edna. Nancy takes Ted to a nursery, where they learn Clint raises tropical plants. Nancy and Ted question crop-dusting pilot Chuck Marley (Edgar Edwards) and search Clint's greenhouse. Clint denies he has an Arbensis, but Nancy takes a seed catalog. Clint tells Chuck to destroy the evidence and follow Nancy.

Nancy and Ted ask for records at a nursery, but the boss is gone. During Edna's party the nursery is seen burning. Ted runs in to get the box; but Chuck goes in after him. Ted is saved, but the box burns. Carson tells Nancy they need to find the gun. She and Ted ask Apollo about ghosts he saw in the barn. Ted calls Clint to come to the sheriff's office so that he and Nancy can search the barn for a bullet. They find one and then the gun; but Clint comes in with a gun and demands it. Clint locks them in and calls Chuck to have an accident with his plane. Nancy waves a red flag, and a bull charges, breaking the wall. Chuck's plane stops their car, and Clint recaptures Nancy and Ted. Chuck parachutes from his plane, leaving Nancy and Ted, who flies the plane wildly. Clint and Chuck report their death to Sheriff Riggs but are arrested. The plane crash-lands into a haystack; but Ted and Nancy are all right. Nancy is embraced by her father and by Edna. In the final scene Nancy christens Ted's new boat, making a hole that sinks it.

This mystery includes comedy and exciting adventures as Nancy puts aside jealousy for her father's attention to engage in the lure of detective work with her boy-friend Ted.

Copyright © 2001 by Sanderson Beck

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