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(1939 b 94')

En: 7 Ed: 6


A broke woman in Paris pretends to be a baroness and is hired to take a lover from a man's wife, but she falls for a taxi driver.

Eve Peabody (Claudette Colbert) lost all she had in Monte Carlo and arrives in Paris with only her evening gown, but she gets taxi driver Tibor Czerny (Don Ameche) to help her look for a job singing. No one hires her, but he buys her dinner and offers his place to sleep while he drives. When he gets gas, she runs off and slips into a socialite concert. Marcel (Rex O'Malley) asks Eve to play bridge. Georges Flammarion (John Barrymore) questions her until his wife Helene Flammarion (Mary Astor) complains. Tibor tries to find Eve and gets into a fight. Eve and smitten Jacques Picot (Francis Lederer) lose at bridge, but Georges put money in her purse so she can pay. Jacques takes Eve to the Ritz Hotel, where she finds that Georges got her a room under her pseudonym Baroness Czerny and sent luggage there with new clothes. Georges guarantees Eve money and hires her to take Jacques away from his wife Helene, because they think they are in love.

Tibor starts a betting pool among taxi drivers to find Eve. In a hat shop Eve sees Jacques with Helene and leaves with Jacques. Helene asks Simone for Eve's Monte Carlo pawn ticket. In the limousine Georges provided, Eve reminds Jacques she is married. A taxi driver runs into Eve's car and tells Tibor, who goes to the Ritz and learns where the Baroness went.

At the chateau Helene tells Jacques she is jealous. During the party Marcel shows Helene Eve's bag from Monte Carlo with a photo of her as a chorus girl, as Georges overhears. Helene is about to expose Eve when Tibor enters as Baron Czerny and kisses Eve. Helene puts Eve and Tibor in the bridal suite. Eve asks Tibor to leave; he says he would marry her and kisses her; but she implies he is too poor. At breakfast Tibor tells Eve they must go because their daughter has measles. Eve pretends to call Hungary with Georges on the line. Helene learns the phone is out of order; but Eve explains that the Baron is eccentric. Tibor comes in as a taxi driver and tells what Eve did, but he is not believed. Jacques says that Tibor is crazy, and Marcel knocks out Tibor with a frying pan. Georges advises Eve to marry Jacques and collect alimony. Eve revives Tibor and says she is moving in with him; but he is belligerent, and in reaction she threatens to marry Jacques. Tibor tells Eve she needs a divorce.

In court Georges tells Eve he is paying Tibor. Eve tells the judge (Monte Woolley) the cause is mental cruelty, and Tibor does not contest it; but by law they must spend 15 minutes together alone. Tibor shaves, and the judge suspects he is crazy, refusing the divorce. Eve tells Jacques that he should never marry. Tibor and Eve go off to get married to the surprise of the judge.

Accused of being a gold-digger, after these pranks Eve accepts a poor man, because she loves him much more than the superficial, flirting Jacques. She realizes that being truthful is easier than scheming lying.

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