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Man About Town

(1939 b 85')

En: 5 Ed: 4


A producer, considered unromantic, tries to make his friend jealous but gets caught in the same trap by two wives out to make their husbands jealous.

Bob Temple (Jack Benny) tells his butler Rochester (Eddie Anderson) that Diana Wilson (Dorothy Lamour) loves him and orders a fancy dinner prepared. In London fog Bob walks and gets lost. Diana waits with Rochester. Bob trips coming in. Diana says Bob is not romantic and goes out with Ted Nash (Phil Harris), leaving Bob with the dinner. Bob calls the show girls, who all decline. Rochester eats, and Bob pretends he is a lady. Bob gets a black eye but meets Lady Arlington (Binnie Barnes) at lunch. She complains to husband John Arlington (Edward Arnold) for not showing up; but he is busy with business. Bob arrives at rehearsal, and Diana sings "Sentimental Sandwich." Ted asks Bob who the lady was. Madame Dubois (Isabel Jeans) tells Lady Arlington to make her husband jealous. Lady Arlington calls Bob and invites him for the weekend with Ted and Diana. On the train Ted tells John Arlington that Bob is a home-wrecker, and they learn he is Arlington.

Ted warns Bob of blackmail. Bob calls Rochester to bring a show-girl. John tells Bob that he is a good shot. Rochester arrives with the whole show. Bob hires chorus-girl Susan (Betty Grable) to pretend she loves him. John sees Mme. Dubois with Bob; but Henri Dubois (Monte Woolley), Ted, and Diana see Bob kiss Lady Arlington. Susan and Ted sing "Fidgety Joe," and Rochester dances. Bob kisses Susan good-bye and tells John that she is his fiancé. Henri tells Bob that John saw him. Bob writes a note to Lady Arlington that he is leaving.

Bob's revue performs. Lady Arlington attends with Mme. Dubois. John and Henri toast their partnership. Henri tells John that he saw Bob kiss Lady Arlington. John laughs and says he saw Bob kiss Henri's wife. John and Henry take guns to the theater. Bob talks to Diana, but she is jealous of Lady Arlington. Bob sends a note to meet Lady Arlington in his dressing-room. In the show as Suleiman Ridiculous Bob says he fears no husband. Lady Arlington gets the note and passes it to Mme. Dubois. Henri reads it and walks out with John. Bob gets a strong body-guard and goes on as a dancer. Bob finds Lady Arlington and Mme. Dubois in his dressing-room. Diana knocks, but John and Henri come in too. Lady Arlington says that Bob made love to her, and John pulls a gun; but Rochester gives Diana a baby and calls her Mrs. Temple. Lady Arlington persuades John to leave with the Dubois couple.

This comedy contrasts unromantic business people to show personalities. The schemes of the wives are an effort to get their husbands to pay attention to them. Jack Benny wants to be romantic and has fun making others jealous.

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