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Judge Hardy and Son

(1939 b 90')

En: 6 Ed: 7


When Andy's mother gets pneumonia, he realizes his problems are not so big and gets along better with his sister and father.

Mrs. Valduzzi (Maria Ouspenskaya) and her husband come to Judge James Hardy (Lewis Hardy), fearing they will lose their house. Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) tries to fix his tires and gets a loan from his sister Marian Hardy (Ceclia Parker). Polly Benedick (Ann Rutherford) sells Andy two tickets to the fireworks. At lunch James says he wants to find the Valduzzi's daughter. Andy visits Polly, and they quarrel. Andy finds L. V. Horton (Martha O'Driscoll), who has her own soda fountain. Andy learns of a July 4th essay contest and buys tires, flowers, and a white coat; but James tells Andy the boys prize is books, not $50. Polly thanks Andy for the flowers. Emily Hardy (Fay Holden) and Marian leave to visit Emily's parents, but Emily comes back feeling ill. James offers Andy $5 if he finds Valduzzi's daughter. Andy calls on Eufrasia V. Clark (June Preisser) and asks her to enter his essay. Eufrasia insists that he take her to the fireworks. Andy visits Clarabelle V. Lee (Margaret Early) and asks her to enter his essay.

James tells Andy that Emily has pneumonia, and he is praying. Andy prays too. Dr. Jones (Henry Hull) tells Andy that Marian should be there. In a storm Andy drives to get Marian. Returning, the bridges are out, but policeman Dan O'Shea lets them use his car. Andy and Marian persuade James to rest and realize that they like each other and don't have to fight. When the crisis is over, Emily says she was spared because she loves her wonderful family.

Clarabelle tells Andy that her essay is on Robert E. Lee. So Andy goes back to L. V., who says she hates her mother; she wants to win the contest, and Andy gives her the Hamilton quote his father found. Andy learns her middle name is Valduzzi. Andy drives, but his tires fall off. James calls on Mrs. Maria Horton (Leona Maricle) and asks her to help the Valduzzis, saying the law can compel children to help their parents and that her daughter hates her. L. V. comes in and says she won the contest. Mrs. Horton explains why she lied about her parents. Andy tells James that Eufrasia is blackmailing him. James lectures Andy on women, and Andy lists his troubles for James, who provides a loan. Polly is jealous and insists that Andy take her to the fireworks; Andy sees L. V. dressed up. L. V. thanks Andy because her family is re-united, giving him $100. Andy gives it back but borrows her car. Emily offers to teach Polly a recipe, and in the car Andy kisses Polly.

Although Andy jokes about a husband beating his wife if she does not cook well, this heart-warming family comedy presents model behavior and attitudes from small-town America, where even a policeman loans his car. A daughter of immigrants learns not to be ashamed of her parents.

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