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(1939 b 84')

En: 6 Ed: 5


A movie star trades identities with a double in order to go on vacation but falls in love and also wins over his double's fiancé.

At a premiere fans mob movie star Brooks Mason; but Brooks Mason (Robert Young) says it was not him. Brooks tells Joe Duffy (George Burns) that he needs a vacation. An ambulance brings George Smith (Robert Young) to Brooks' home, and they meet. George tells Brooks he has a plantation in Hawaii. Brooks' servant Washington (Eddie Anderson) gets confused and quits when he thinks he saw a ghost. Brooks asks George to go to New York as him, and Brooks takes a boat to Hawaii.

On the boat Millie De Grasse (Gracie Allen) sees Brooks and wants his autograph. With a ukulele Millie sings "Honolulu," and she tap dances with Dorothy March (Eleanor Powell), who skips rope. Dorothy and Millie meet Brooks, who says he is George Smith, causing Millie to reject him. Brooks romances Dorothy. Joe gets George out of the hospital in a casket; but it opens, and fans see him. Millie and four Marx brothers impersonators sing "The Leader Doesn't Like Music." In black face Dorothy tap dances like Bill Robinson.

In Hawaii Brooks finds that George's servant Wong (Willie Fung) knows who he is. Horace Grayson (Clarence Kolb) says that George must pay his money back or go to jail. Cecilia Grayson (Rita Johnson) kisses Brooks and says that he is different. Brooks takes Cecilia's father Horace for a servant and says he spent money. Brooks calls on Dorothy late. They kiss, and Dorothy says she prefers George to Brooks. Two men arrest Brooks for stealing $50,000 from Horace when Wong says he is George Smith. Cecilia tells Horace he is innocent. Dorothy visits Brooks in jail, and he says he is Brooks Mason; but she doesn't believe him. Millie calls on Horace and tries to get Brooks out by saying she is Mrs. Jones; but Mr. Jones comes in and tells Horace the deal with George was done all right.

Brooks gets out and calls on Dorothy, who is jealous of Cecilia. Dorothy says she read that Brooks is engaged in New York. Brooks tries to call George, but Joe hangs up. Wong tells Brooks to announce his wedding to Ceclia to get George to come home. Dorothy does a hula dance. Cecilia gets Brooks to dance with her, and on radio George hears that he is marrying her. George tells Joe he is not Brooks, tries to leave, and is put in a strait jacket. A psychiatrist (Sig Ruman) tells Joe to take him to Honolulu, and they fly there. Wong tells Brooks to wed Cecilia and let George go on the honeymoon. Brooks hears the plane and leaves the ceremony. George replaces him, and Joe tries to stop the wedding until George points out Brooks. Joe faints and is revived by Millie, who tells him about her odd family. In the final scene Millie appears with her twin sister as the two couples celebrate.

The comic irony of the ancient mistaken-identity device works again as a movie star tries to get relief from fans' adulation. Eleanor Powell's dancing shines, and Gracie Allen is wacky again.

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