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The Girl and the Gambler

(1939 b 63')

En: 5 Ed: 4

A generous Mexican bandit bets that he can seduce a dancer and tries to win her over from an American gambler.

In 1912 Mexico El Rayo (Leo Carrillo) and his bandits give money to poor women and stop an execution. El Rayo bets Rodolfo (Edward Raquello) that the Dove will fall in love with him without knowing he is El Rayo. He tells Pasqual (Chris-Pin Martin) to call him Don Jose. American Johnny Powell (Tim Holt) watches Dolores (Steffi Duna) dance. El Rayo orders a table for twelve and gambles with Johnny to pay for it. Mike (Donald MacBride) has Dolores dance for El Rayo, but she is not allowed to sit with him. Dolores warns El Rayo of her sweetheart but tells Johnny that she has no sweetheart. Mike tells Dolores to sit with El Rayo, who invites her to his casa. Johnny warns El Rayo to stay away from Dolores, because he plans to marry her. Dolores tells Johnny that Mike is her guardian. Johnny tells her he loves her, and she loves him. They want to marry and plan to go to the United States.

Drunk Charlie (Paul Fix) wins with loaded dice; but Johnny changes the dice. Accused of cheating, Charlie draws his gun but is killed by Johnny, who is arrested. Dolores dances. El Rayo tells Dolores that his men will lynch Johnny; but if she comes with him, they will free Johnny. Dolores tells Johnny in jail to go and find a new love. El Rayo tells his men to rob Mike. El Rayo pays his bill of 1500 pesos plus 2,000 pesos; but his men rob it. Deputies chase them, and Pasqual frees Johnny. At his ranchero El Rayo catches a cold from sleeping outside. Dolores tells him she did not sleep, because she was thinking of Johnny and that he won’t like her always thinking of him. Johnny arrives with a gun to take Dolores away in El Rayo’s carriage; but El Rayo’s men grab Johnny. Dolores pleads with El Rayo not to have Johnny shot. El Rayo brags he is the “best caballero in all Mexico,” but she laughs at him and says Johnny is the best. El Rayo says he won his bet from Rodolfo, and Dolores verifies it. El Rayo lets her go away with Johnny to get married, and he sends along money for the poor.

This Mexican western has comic elements that include broken English. A bragging bandit thinks he can get whatever he wants, but at least he helps the poor. Yet he has to accept that the American won the pretty dancer.

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